Diwali is here. 

terracotta diya

Is your home ready for the festival? 


You are still struggling to clean the stuffed corners of your house?

The struggle to clean the house on the occasion of Diwali never gets old. It is like an annual thing that every member of an Indian household has to participate in. No matter how unwillingly you do, you don’t have a choice. Well, one has to admit. Cleaning up the entire house is quite a task. Giving a festive makeover to it is even harder. But, there is hidden fun as well. Every year while cleaning, people accidentally find their lost items, years old photographs are found somewhere inside a box. The laughter and happiness followed by it are unmatched. It is these moments that makes one forget all the stress and anxiety of cleaning the huge mess. This year, give your home a makeover ellementry style. Its elegant and unique décor items will redefine the concept of minimalist decoration for you.

When everything that you have in the house is piled upon each other, it is difficult to decide where to begin from. Here are some tips that might help you in giving your home an instant festive makeover.

Clean up the space: You have to make room for new. Get rid of all the items that you do not use anymore. Donate your old clothes, books and toys to someone who needs them. This will help you get a lot of space in your cupboard and shelves. You can use this space to put all your new items.

Rangoli: It is better to have a place that reflects your personality. The colour of the rangoli at the entrance makes a huge difference. You can use multiple colours as colours have the power to influence the mood of those around them.

Here are some décor products by Ellementry that will help you get your home ready for the festivity.

Shades of grey terracotta table lamp

shades of grey terracotta lamp

Diwali is the festival of light. Presenting the beautiful “Shades of grey terracotta lamp” by Ellementry to illuminate your home with positivity. The body of the lamp is a piece of art. The bottom of the lamp is vase shaped which makes it more appealing.  Put it beside your bed or in the living room. Every space will brighten up in a second with this captivating product by Ellementry.

Wood peg table

wood peg table

Sometimes simple things look the best. The wooden peg table follows the same mantra. Its simplicity is its power. It can easily fit in your home décor. The product is a great deal as it doubles up as a storage unit. Lift its lid and store all your knick-knacks like a favourite book, Ac or television remote in it. You can put the table beside your favourite rocking chair or comfy couch. It is smart furniture that will keep the space neat and organized all the time.

Midnight terracotta vase

midnight terracotta vase
midnight terracotta vase

Are you an art lover? The midnight terracotta vase is a visual delight for anyone who has  an eye for art.  A flower vase makes every space look beautiful and this midnight terracotta vase fulfills the purpose very well. Its real beauty is its unusual shape that is entirely different from conventional vases. Someone who is passionate about interior decor would know how beautiful this piece will look on the cabinet. 

Grey metal basket with marble base large

grey metal basket with marble base large

How do you prefer to store your vegetables and fruits? Do you keep them in the open or put them nicely in a basket? Give up an upgrade to your storage game with this grey metal basket with a marble base. It is perfect to keep in the center of the dining or keep it on your kitchen counter. 

Macrame cotton table runner terracotta

macrame cotton table runner terracotta

Just like you dress up to protect your body from heat and cold, dress your table as well to protect it from spills and scratches. Use this macrame cotton table runner. Along with protecting your dining, it will bring that element of elegance to the table. Even an ordinary looking table will start looking stunning with this table runner on its top. 

All the products by Ellementry are 100% nature friendly. They will make your home festival ready instantly without any extra effort.


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