If you buy a big home for yourself but do not decorate it well with the correct type of furniture then your home will not look like a perfect abode for you. So you need to take care of the placement and designing your furniture properly. And among all the other furniture, you can choose to have some accent tables for your house. These tables can be used as a side table as well as a coffee table in your various rooms. But to arrange those it is not always important to do it conventionally. You can also use a mix and match accent tables system to set up the furniture. There are some factors by which you can do this kind of mix and match job. Visit Ellementry to buy some accent tables for your beautiful house today

  1. Use variants of woods

If you like to add wooden furniture in your home then you can have an option to play more with that. Do not use just one type of wood to make your accent tables. You can choose different types of foods like oak, teak, ash, mango, etc. These types of different woods will give an enhanced look in your home decoration. But always make sure that you use a single type of pattern, like all the tables of warm pattern or a cool pattern. If you have this type of variation, it will have a good impact on your decoration for sure.

  1. Mixing the metals

If you like metal accent tables then there is a chance that you can mix different types of metals and their undertones in your home decoration. To check with the undertones, you have to make sure that you use either a cool undertone or a warm undertone throughout the decoration. Otherwise, it will look a bit haphazard. You can choose different metals like bronze, brass, gold, and silver to decorate and mix and match accent tables.

  1. Blend different materials

You can also go for a blending of different types of materials including wood and metal. If you are a person who likes to add a bit of quirkiness in your home decoration, then you must try out mixing different types of materials to set up your accent tables. It will create a unique pattern and also, you will have a chance to play with different undertones while making the accent tables. Blending different materials ensures that your furniture doesn’t look boring.

  1. Choose the shape according to room

If you want to use accent tables in different rooms then you must choose the proper shape of it. Because accent tables that are perfect for a living room may not go well in a bedroom. So always decide beforehand for which room you are going to buy the accent table. Then only you can choose the correct shape of that table so that it can enhance your room decor.

  1. Different geometric shapes

There are different geometric shapes that are available for mix and match accent tables. And if you want to use a particular geometric shape then you should research which shape will go well with your room and also its purpose. A small circular or oval coffee table goes well instead of a long rectangular one. And it depends on your choice only.  So try to choose the shape wisely to make it look presentable for your guests. And geometric shapes always look cool in case of furniture. 

  1. Use convertible tables 

If you have a space crunch you can also use some convertible tables that can be pulled to make a sofa out of a simple chair. This type of accent table also has a feature of a side table beside the sofa where you can keep some essentials which you will need when you are going to bed. So if you have very little space then you can go for convertible accent tables which are easy to handle and change the size as per requirement. You can opt for a nice wood peg table from Ellementry.

  1. Use a space-saving drawer cum table

In the case of space-saving, you can also buy accent tables which have some drawers and open shelves where you can keep your essentials like books and magazines. It will remove the need of having a separate shelf for your daily use objects and a single table can serve the purpose very efficiently. So if you really want an all-rounder accent table for your home then you can always opt for products from Ellementry like cane craft side table with removable trays. These are quite useful because it has separate trays to keep objects besides a proper table. 

  1. Colour of it

The colour of the accent tables is quite important. If you mix and match accent tables then you must consider which type of colours you want. If you are a person who likes to have monochromatic colours in your furniture then you can use some black and white or solid coloured accent tables with plain design. But if you are a person who likes to decorate your house with funky furniture then you can go for some special texture or patterned accent tables which will add more colour to your room. If you want to get a premium quality accent table then you can go to the online shop of Ellementry and opt for the blue wood and metal side table. This has an elegant blue colour and it will give a royal look to your home decor. 

These were the preliminary factors which you need to take care of before buying accent tables. Even if you are going to mix and match accent tables then also you need to think about the combinations very well. Visit Ellementry today to buy accent furniture

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