Butter makes everything better! A scoop of butter undoubtedly adds more smack, drama, and deliciousness to any cuisine in the world. Be it breakfast waffle, dinner curry, or daal tadka you fondly prepared for lunch, a dollop of butter can go well with everything. It won’t be an understatement to say that butter is that one unit in your kitchen that holds the biggest sign. It’s your go-to ingredient for preparing cakes, adding flavour to your freshly made chapattis, add more feel to you rainy day maggie, and makes that otherwise bland toast a perfect lazy day breakfast.

Now the only thing requested is not to keep this highly regarded companion locked inside the fridge; that’s not where it belongs to. The butter, which makes everything better deserves that centre table position on with salt, pepper, pickle, and ketchup. And, hence comes butter dishes in the picture. These pretty dining table accessories available at Ellementry keep your butter brick safely inside them at room temperature. Ellementry works on the philosophy of, form & function, which means a creation can be aesthetically appealing along with being high functioning. Butter dishes from Ellementry are made of brass, wood & ceramic and wood & glass. These are handcrafted and pass international food safety standards. The silver brass butter dish is a classic butter dish which has a clean and simple design. The transparent glass butter dish with a wooden base is going to add charm to the table and ceramic with a wooden lid is a perfect example of fusion.

We now have taken your attention towards the unsung hero, butter, and have directed you towards its right place in the dining table. Inside a beautiful butter dish, keeping it on room temperature; this is how you pay respect to this essential sider/ingredient. However, after deciding which butter dish suits the feel of your dining table among various option available at Ellementry, the very next thing you need to do is make your butter dish butter ready. Yes, handling the butter dish comes with its own set of rules and precautions. Here is the list of butter dishes you can consider adding in your kitchen collection along with tips on making them prepared before using.

  1. Clay Butter Dish
    Clay butter dish doesn’t only give a unique edge to your dining table but also enhances the taste of the butter. Raw clay pot adds an earth element to the texture, taste, and smell of the butter which gratify all your senses. In one sentence, purchasing a clay butter dish is always a good idea when you are. Clay butter dishes indeed have no match when it comes to that raw nature feeling; however, you need to take a few precautions before using it.
    We recommend only to put a small or needed amount of butter inside the dish, and wash it with water before using it for the first time and wash it with lemon once you have started using it regularly. Butter has an intense fragrance and clay has a kind of property that it makes food or aroma stuck to it. We recommend washing the dish with plan or lime water and dry it in sunlight before using it again.
  2. Ceramic Butter Dish
    Calling it a show stopper, elegant, classy, attention grabber would be an understatement. Nothing in the world can best describe the beauty, functionality, environmental- friendliness of ceramic butter dish than you bring this home. Good stuff needs space in your home, and ceramic goes well with Ellementry philosophy of form and function so well. Ellementry has a considerable stock of ceramic to choose from. However, ceramic is delicate along with being elegant, and we request you to handle it with a little precaution and wash them gently with water for regular use.
    The whole idea of choosing the right butter dish is to give required regard to the butter as an essential ingredient and to enhance the aesthetic of your dining table. Select any of the mentions as suits your taste and preferences, and order it from Ellementry for maximum value for money.
  3. Silver Brass Butter Dish
    Silver brass butter dishes are for the people who love going a bit extra when it comes to hosting. These elegant and royal butter dish can become the talk of the dining table, and the show stopper for that mouth-watering Instagram food photography. You can opt from minimalistic to a large category of silver brass butter dishes, as silver gives a lot of scopes to experiment with. We at Ellementry, have these stunning silver brass butter dishes in the round and square shapes, which will not only serve you the best function of the butter dish but also add beauty to your dining table.
    All we recommend is to wash your prized butter dish with lukewarm water before using it for the first time and dry it clean before using it regularly to keep its shine intact. You can also wash it by rubbing potatoes time to time for eliminating any foul order or retaining the losing lustre.
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  4. Steel Butter Dish
    It’s less expensive, low maintenance, full of aesthetics, and rough in use. Suppose you are a working woman/man and don’t have enough time to look after household chores, if you are a student, or if you want to avoid high maintenance things. Steel butter dishes are the one for you. The only thing these humble dishes require is regular cleaning. We also recommend you to opt for stainless steel as stains won’t make things look that appealing.
    Wash the dish with regular soap and dry it with the sun as it may catch stains if kept inside just after washing. Make sure you have cleaned it with a dry towel or in the sun before using it again.
  5. Board and Glass Butter Dish
    Board and glass butter dish is a symbol of class and will instantly enhance the charm of your dining table or modular kitchen. A notch of delicate butter will look more tempting when laid on a wooden board and kept inside the glass.
    Ellementry has the stock of these modern marvels at a very reasonable price. Order one for yourself or your best friend on her marriage anniversary to add more glory to the kitchen ensembles. Moreover, these butter dishes are rather easy to handle as per their elegance factor. All you need is a splash of warm water, followed by towel drying.
  6. Plastic Butter Dish
    These kind of butter dishes are your go-to picnic, camping or travelling partners. However, we refrain from endorsing anything made up of plastic, but at the same time, there is no harm in purchasing one unit for your rough use.
    Before using the plastic butter dish, you must clean it thoroughly before use, dry it in sunlight. And make sure you are not overheating it in the microwave if it is microwave safe, as melted plastic is not good for health.
  7. Colourful Butter Dish
    Add more colours to your cabinet by bringing home unusual butter dishes. These colourful beauties will instantly grab everybody’s attention, and no one can stop themselves from adoring the butter dish.
    They are available in various sizes, types, forms, and materials. All we recommend is to make sure that colour is not done in a way that it might fade away quickly as it will look ugly later. All you need is a simple wash before using it, followed by regular washes by water and soaps for daily use.
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