Winter is finally here. The best thing about this season is snuggling into the blanket with a cup of coffee. You have to agree it is the best feeling ever. With favourite food to eat, movie to watch and beverage to drink at home, who would ever want to leave the house to have dinner outside in winters? This winter, instead of dining out, try hosting a cosy brunch at home for your friends. Ellementry will help you to organize the snuggly brunch at home with its fancy and sustainable kitchenware. 

Let’s face it, people. Going outside in the winter is hard. There is so much that you have to wear. It takes forever to decide what shoes to wear? or how cold it is outside? Instead of getting yourself strangled in these questions, why not throw a cosy winter brunch at home and make everyone come to you.

Here are some tips to have a lavish yet cosy winter brunch at home:

Would you feel cosy on a winter night while having ice cream? No right! This is where the food you serve to guests plays an important role. Winter calls for root vegetables and ingredients like spices that keep us warm from the inside. If it is too hard to decide, go with the seasonal harvest. It will help you embrace the winter brunch mood with hearty food and cocktails.

Embrace the weather

Not every morning is a sunny morning in winter. This means pastel colours, daisy flowers, and a rainbow theme is not going to work. Complement the weather outside with bold and cosmic food and serveware. 

Hit the senses

Make sure you don’t forget to hit all 5 senses of the guests. Table setting for the eyes, food for the taste, pleasant music for the ears, soft linen for touch, aroma for the smell. You have to play with all 5 of them together. That is when the guests will start feeling comfortable. Do not forget to stimulate all the senses with everything that you do.

A goody bag

Give a little souvenir of the pleasant time spent on your cosy brunch. Prepare little take-away gifts for your friends. It will serve as a token of your friendship and the memories you shared. Wrap the gift in canvas bags with a ribbon to give your guests something to enjoy later in the night when they return home.

Look at some tableware, linen and cutlery set from ellementry. They will help you pull of the cosy winter brunch at home.

Pinstriped 100% cotton table runner (Charcoal grey)

Begin with setting your table. A table runner is like the foundation of a table. The pinstriped cotton table runner will give your setting a perfect base with a touch of elegance and tradition. The runner will also protect the table from spills and damage that can be caused by hot dishes and dripping candle wax. Consider it the first step of your table décor.

Midnight mango wood bowl

A salad is a dish that is perfect for any kind of meal. Serve the best kind of salad in this beautiful “Midnight Mango Wood Salad Bowl.” The bowl is beautifully handcrafted and coated with food-safe lacquer. Be it any party or feast, this black wooden bowl will never fail to impress the guests on the table. Bring it out on the special meal or use it for cosy winter brunches, the midnight mango wood bowl is perfect in every way.

Carbon cutlery holder with spoon rest

This is the must-have for the dining table. The cutlery holder with spoon rest is multi-purpose. Keep all the forks, spoons and knives in it and put the used ladle on the side. This will help you avoid curry stains from the used ladle.

Stitch sense mango wood platter large

What’s a part without a pizza, right! Bake a cheesy pizza and serve it hot on this large mango wood platter by ellementry. If not pizza, feel free to use it in any way you like. Put sandwiches, waffles on it. It will look just perfect. Give your modern treats a traditional background with this mango wood pizza board. The product will instantly elevate your hosting skill at any feast or party with its unique stitched up look.

Get your hands on these beautiful products and throw the best brunch for your friends. All the items by the brand are 100% eco-friendly and unique in their way.

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