We all are a fan of French cuisine especially the dessert. They are all associated with the use of individual ramekin. These tiny vessels give shape and size to some lip-smacking dessert that you can’t get enough of. Have you ever wondered what is ramekin?

It is a small glazed ceramic bowl designed to withstand high temperatures, especially for baking purposes. They come in various sizes from 3 ounces to 12 ounces. Ellementry is a brand specialized to create these wonderful baking dishes keeping in the mind the factor of environmental safety and culture revival.

Traditional ramekins are round and white with a fluted exterior and thin interior lip. Interesting shapes make the process more entertaining and fun. So how can we use ramekins for the dishes beyond desserts?

There are many dishes that you can effortlessly prepare in this porcelain. From breakfast to dinner, you can have all the meal made with minimum clutter and usage of other kitchenware. These are perfect to go for serving dinner for two. You can cook chicken, pasta, ham and cheese soufflé, lasagna and more.

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Other than culinary purpose, they can be used as a serveware item as well. You can place them on the table and store guacamole, salsa, ketchup, mustard, and butter in it. One can also use them to store herbs, honey, spices, salt, pepper and cake sprinkles. They are multi-purpose ware.

Baking is always related to bread and cakes. The 6-ounce of ramequin works well for chocolate muffins, cinnamon rolls etc. These adorable sized bowls are best for so many purposes. They not only provide you with the finely-baked recipe but also serve as a tableware suitable to keep so many edible items inside.

You can pick the size according to the number of people you are cooking for. From small to big, it is fine for working with all kinds of meals. There are several advantages such as:

  • These durable solid moulds are ideal for dishes with a delicate texture and colours like mousses, and puddings
  • They are appropriate to serve in right quantity
  • Appropriate for ice cream, fruits, jam and a small portion of soup & broth
  • Different shape and sizes make your creativity look more beautiful
  • Doesn’t create any mess as nothing gets spread, break and crumble
  • Impresses your guest with beautiful and finished decoration
  • Very easy to handle and eliminates the chore of washing heavy plates
  • Are made from ceramic which distributes the heat evenly and keeps the ingredient inside hot for a long time
  • Can withstand the temperature of 250 degrees
  • Simple to clean

Here is some nature friendly and handcrafted ceramic craft for you.

Upper Crust Ceramic ramekin

Do anything you want. This product offers endless uses. The colour is soothing to look at. Design on the surface has been hand-carved by artists. They are microwave as well as dishwasher friendly.

Whatever you desire to eat, custard, fruit jam, anything, you can make anything to everything in it. This piece is safe for your food. The best feature is not only its captivating appearance but its sustainable property. The product levies no harm on nature and escalates the value of your bakeware collection.

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Sienna terracotta bowl

Though the primary function of this bowl is for preparing something sweet, it will surprise you with so many things. Use it as a fruit carrier or eating bowl. It will never fail. Before using it, soak it in water overnight and, it will be good to go.

The terracotta makes it porous and safe for your health. The edible will be cooked evenly without losing its essential ingredient and nutrition. You can buy other components of this assemblage to complete the look on the table.

Ramekins are a piece of beauty. Their presence makes the table illuminate with elegance and class. Not everybody but distinguished people use them. They are the most have items for those who love to keep their cookhouse well maintained and modern.

They are very versatile. Their multiple functional factors are something that attracts the most. Along with being a perfect utensil for baking, one can even eat straight from them. Go to Ellementry to have a look at some of this beautiful artwork.

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