Do immunity and stress levels have any correlation? When addressing queries like that today, we would say yes! However, not so long ago – just a couple of years back – the term immunity was a word that belonged into only a healthcare dictionary.

Many of us might have also equated having good immunity with only decent eating habits. Nevertheless, even when we faced health issues, we would not relate the same with low immunity.

With the advent of the pandemic and further the second wave of the second wave, the word has become one of the most used ones for many months.

Yoga provides numerous mental and physical health advantages that help in increasing the immunity lever. It helps in balancing our body, sentiments, beliefs and responses.

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Healthy eating and drinking can lower your risk of disease and offer you more energy. However, when we think of vacation, we don’t normally think of nutritious eating. What if we told you there are some easy steps you can take to make it happen? 

Ellementry is a platform offering a range of natural and healthy products. With eco-friendliness and sustainability as two of its brand pillars, the platform has a terracotta tumbler as a perfect example of nature-based and sustainable drinkware.

Striking a balance between health and lifestyle as good health is of utmost importance for surviving, and a good lifestyle choice helps in thriving our lives.

A wholesome lifestyle choice that includes Yoga renders a positive holistic impact on the whole household’s health. Yoga and allied practices like Pranayam help us increase our focus and will-power lifting our moods. In the same way, all the entities of a household need to be nature-based, eco-friendly and sustainable.

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The households with a healthy lifestyle have perfectly balanced systems to keep the house up and running smoothly. The kitchenware items from ellementry are carefully picked, keeping in mind the health repercussions.

Earthy products find their way to such households here; sustainability is a choice that is followed every single day. Ellementry stands for everything that is conscious, sustainable, mindful and purposeful. For us, it’s International Yoga Day every day as all our practices work towards creating a sense of calmness and serenity, unifying our body and mind.

Yoga helps you make small but conscious changes to your everyday life and balance your lifestyle and health. For example, you become more mindful, and you carry your glass water bottle wherever you go or start using Drinkware such as glass tumblers.

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Our body needs to make changes at fine levels to achieve good health. It requires healthy, organic food, regular exercise and low-stress levels. Similarly, in the same way – our family and our household need eco-friendly lifestyle choices to keep our homes healthy and sustainable.

You start going back to your roots, and you may begin using sustainable kitchenware and slow cooking techniques like terracotta curd setter, terracotta baking dish, terracotta sprouter and more. 

Yoga is an ancient discipline that brings the mind and body together. It has its origin in the Sanskrit word “Yuji,” meaning “yoke” or “unity”.

It involves breathing techniques, meditation, and positions that promote relaxation and stress reduction. At ellementry, we believe being mindful of everything in our lives will help, to stay sane and reclaim what we can. Additionally, the brand sticks to its brand pillars by hosting other natural and sustainable products on its platform.

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