Spices have always played a prominent role in Indian cuisine. The medicinal properties of each make the food healthy and beneficial for well-being. Their conventional role is to increase the overall taste and enhance the flavours, colouring and preservative agents.

They are an integral part of our diet and are used in all shapes and forms be it powder, whole, a blend of multiple spices. Indian dishes are nothing without the aromatic, warming and cooling spices. Every household uses them and store them beforehand. Get a beautiful wooden masaladani for your home at Ellementry.

Considering the times we are going through today, humans must use these spices in their every meal. It is important to boost immunity to avoid the contraction of the virus. Having them in your food is much better than having medicines. Each spice has a unique taste and property. Here are some that will help you boost your overall immunity and energy:


It has the power of healing almost everything. Its anti-bacterial property help stimulates the human immune system. You can use it while preparing the food or you can take it with milk to feel physically active.


This strong aromatic spice is a rich source of antioxidants that give a boost to the overall working system of the body. Its intake reduces the chances of respiratory diseases and seasonal infections. You can make cinnamon tea or cinnamon infused water.

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Considered the most during the winter season, this spice is known to own incredible immunity-boosting abilities. It is like an Ayurvedic treatment for cold and cough. It works as a shield against all kinds of infections.


This spice is vastly rich in antimicrobial properties. It helps to keep a check on cold and cough. It also helps the elderly with the problems like chest congestion and respiratory infections.


These tiny aromatic seeds are best for treating high blood pressure. According to many studies, the intake of cardamom increases the activity of specific enzymes, which helps in to fight against certain types of cancer.

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This one is royalty. It is available in the market at a price higher than the rest. The few strands of saffron help to improve respiratory health and sleep pattern. It also helps in eliminating pain and protects heart, nerve function and also relieves anxiety. Saffron is great for skin as well.

Himalayan Salt

For those who want to live young forever, this spice is for you. Himalayan salt has over 80 health benefit elements. It helps in balancing electrolytes, boosts brain health and makes bones stronger. For someone who experiences the problem of hormonal misbalance, it is advised to consume Himalayan salt rather than ordinary sodium.

Owning them is not enough. One has to store the spices properly to keep the moisture away. While there are many boxes available in the market to store them separately. In this case, it gets difficult and messy to get down each container. It’s better to have one box for all the spices. Here is an option for you:

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Manjari Masala Box

Usually, multiple spices are added to any Indian recipe. It is wise to have them placed in one place only. This Manjari kitchen masala box will help you. It has a total of 7 compartments to store seven kinds of spices. The depth is suitable to store enough amounts.

If you are using the normal-looking one, replace it with this wooden masala box. It will not only serve you the comfort of finding all the required spices at once, but it will also work as a decor item in the kitchen. The Manjari masala box is handcrafted from mango wood. It is easy to handle and clean. The product will shines for longer than your expectation.

Your kitchen deserves to be full of good looking kitchenware items. Along with the kitchen, they also influence cook’s mood. It feels good to cook at a place that has antique and eye-pleasing containers and utensils.

These things might appear to be of least importance, but they hold the power of making and breaking the overall look. It is wise to go for wooden products as they are 100% safe for edible items. Get more of such beautiful, handcrafted and sustainable products only at Ellementry.com.

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