A freshly baked cake covered with foamy frosting makes an irresistible homemade dessert. Nothing can beat this heavenly treat. It is loved by people of all age groups. Now, maybe you are a great baker. But, along with baking a cake you should also know how to put it on display for your guests and the cake stand is a way to do it. Add an element of style and sophistication through ellementry’s nature-friendly and stunning collection of cake stands.

Marble cake stand
Marble & glass cake stand

February is here. There is going to be a celebration of love. But, this year let’s take a step ahead and celebrate the love of all kinds. Of, course you are going to need a cake. Ain’t no celebration without a cake. A cake stand will help in a big way here. You must note that its use is not limited to cake. One can use it in several other ways too.

You can use a cake stand in many ways:

Serve cake and another delight

Place your scrumptious cake on a cake stand to increase its aesthetic value. It looks even more delicious and pleasing when your loved one will cut the cake on it.

Keep for tea set and tea cakes

You can bring some poise to your ambience by putting your tea set and tea cakes on a cake stand. Yes, you can do that. One item can be used in several ways. Try this way and you will feel like you are sitting in some fancy restaurant.

To decorate flower arrangements

Cake stands are available in a variety of colours, sizes and materials. There are glass stands and marble that adds glitter anywhere they are kept. You can arrange some beautiful flowers on them, throw some fairy lights and you will get a stunning décor for your party. It can be for your table or in the living room.

To decorate candles

rose patchouli natural soy wax terracotta box with wooden lid 

In India we have a lot of festivals. It is a way of celebrating life with loved ones. With time, people have started organizing a get together at homes. Make sure you get the right ambience for your party. Keep candles on the cake stand, and your job will be done for the dining room.

Here are some of the cake stands by ellementry:

White marble cake stand with wooden base

white marble cake stand with wooden base

The white marble cake stand by ellementry is ideally for flaunting your cute home-baked cupcakes. But, there are ways of using it. Take a small round planter, fill it with water and fresh flowers. Put it on the stand centre. Surround the planter with candles. It will look ethereal. This décor idea will impress your visitors in a blink.

Mango wood brown 2 tier cake stand 

mango wood brown 2 tier cake stand

The product is perfect for tea parties. Make your best sandwiches and put them on tier one while using the second tier for other homemade dishes. The mango wood brown 2 tier stand will add a fun element to your party. You can use it for everyday use as well. Why not feel special every time you have tea or crave little snacks? The best thing about this stand is that it is simple yet stylish.

Sheesham 2-tier cake stand

Sheesham 2- tier cake stand

Take the liberty to enjoy the luxury a bit more with this Sheesham cake stand. It will look beautiful and will add a vintage feel to the table.

fiore ceramic cake stand with wooden base

fiore ceramic cake stand with wooden base

Indian sweets such as laddoos and barfis are loved all across the country. Make them for your guests and children and put them proudly on this cake stand. Your table will speak of elegance with this stand on it.

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