Every good meal is born on the perfect cutting board; you chop it well; you’ll cook it well! A kitchen essential, chopping boards or cutting boards help speed up meal-prep and keep your kitchen organized. We know you value things that look good and do good in the kitchen and that’s why we’ve brought you a brand-new collection of chopping boards, serving boards and salad servers – Laimai

Laimai chopping board

Laimai’s Designs On You

Design is one of the most important considerations at ellementry when creating new finds for you. Our collections must pass the test of fitting into the maximum of our 6 brand pillars – handmade, sustainable, food safe, form & function, fusion and cultural revival. It must be perfect for elevating the everyday and help you unroutine your life.

With its clean, minimalistic design Laimai passes muster.

Inspired Cutting Boards For Inspired Meals

Laimai is a collection of vegetable cutting boards, serving boards and salad servers in simple shapes inspired by the nature and life around us. Uneven shapes that abound in nature, everyday objects like paddles and geometrical shapes like polygons, all inform the design of these cutting boards, serving boards and salad servers.

The collection is handcrafted by our artisans who used the hardy sheesham or Indian Rosewood. Our design team picked sheesham because of its even finish and natural sheen, making it a good choice for these chopping boards. Strong but light-weight, sheesham wood has fine grains that keep it looking stylish and so these finds fulfil our goal of creating products that look good and do good.

What Laimai has to offer

We always love giving you choices, so with Laimai we designed a set of 9 different types of chopping boards, serving boards and salad servers, each design inspired by the natural shapes found in nature and in our everyday lives.

From the Oval cutting board that flaunts sheesham’s fine grains to the Leaf chopping board that borrows the symmetrical shape of a leaf, Laimai endeavors to being a sliver of the abundant nature into your home. Each of these boards function well as vegetable cutting boards and meat cutting boards.

Laimai chopping board - oval
Laimai chopping board – oval

The bean-shaped Laimai serving board and the Paddle chopping board are a nod to some of the essential everyday things found in a home. Whether you want to use these as a charcuterie board, a cheese platter or as a chip and dip platter, these finds promise to add a new note of elegance to your tablescapes.

Salad servers from the Laimai collection are designed to fit ergonomically in a salad bowl as well as a cutlery stand and add to the dining experience.  Salad serving spoons may seem like a minor player on your dinner table, but Laimai’s Round and Oval salad spoons bring a bit of ‘extra’ to it, you’ll see!

Laimai round salad server set
Laimai round salad server set

Born To Play Many Roles

A constant endeavor at ellementry is to design and create finds that are capable of doing more than one job and hence fitting into our brand pillar of being sustainable. Laimai chopping and cutting boards, serving boards and even the salad servers are designed to play many roles in your home.

The most basic function of these chopping and cutting boards is to be used as vegetable cutting boards and meat cutting boards. But you can put them to several other uses, like:

  • Create statement charcuterie boards out of Laimai pieces like the small serving board. Loaded with salads and dips, this one’s a sure winner. As a plus, it comes with an easy-to-hang hook and an ergonomic design so you can serve guests easily.
  • Turn the Laimai Paddle chopping board into a cheese platter to serve some of the best cheeses like aged cheddar, gouda and Manchego for your next game night or an intimate dinner with friends and family. Want to know more about must-have cheeses on your cheese board? Check out this helpful guide.
  • Chip and dip platters are a must have and if you don’t get one for yourself from our collections. However, you could infuse a bit of creativity into your serving game and use one of the Laimai chopping boards as a chip and dip platter. All you need is a small bowl or two for the dipping and you’re home. Remember to give everyone some napkins too!
  • Creating artistic nooks in the home is something you love (we know, because we do that too and have some charming options for you here.) With Laimai you have the option of turning these sleek wooden cutting boards and salad servers into some unexpectedly stylish wall art. Let your creative juices flow and go where the heart takes you!
Laimai chopping boards play many roles
Laimai chopping boards play many roles

With so many ways to use the Laimai chopping boards and serving boards you might be wondering how to keep them clean. That’s an easy job. Simply clean them with water and a mild detergent. Do remember to keep them away from abrasives and deep water soaks and you can enjoy these cutting boards for a long time.

Ready to bring Laimai into your home?

Laimai was born of a need to create something that is super useful in an urban home and looks stylish. Laimai collection finds fit into your living spaces harmoniously, without disturbing the existing décor. These are the pieces you will reach out to when cooking for the family, entertaining friends and family or looking for a quick home makeover. Go check them all out here.

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