Your whole life is not enough to get your household ready. There is always something missing. It is like a drill. One thing comes and the other thing goes. This asks for smart investment decisions. It can transform your purchasing habits. You can even save a lot of money and time by buying things that last.  But, then of course you have to be rational with your decisions. Make the right investment with ellementry for your household. The homeware brand that suggests what is worth investing in home.

Careful investment choices apply to almost every household item. Careful investment here does not mean buying cheap or low-priced products for the home. Instead, what it means is different. You do not need to look at the price but have to consider other important factors like the material product is made from, its life and more.

People who have an eye for details know how important it is for items to have a good return. Considering your convenience and cost, here are some of the household items you can consider if you are going for the best and most appropriate products at home:

If you are a great cook, cooking tools like pan, spatula, chakla belan, mortar and pestle will be among your favorite items in your kitchen. You must note that all the items in the kitchen are not bought for short-term usage. Before buying them, you must check for their quality and life thoroughly. All of them come in use every single day. That is the reason why you should be more careful and give extra attention to their durability, functionality and sustainability. Those who stand firm on all of these last longer than your expectation.

White marble mortar and pestle


You use linen in several forms. It is there in curtains, table mats, kitchen towels and what not. Even though people don’t give a lot of thought before buying one, they must. Cotton is one material that stays for long and gets better after every wash. The material is appropriate to wear and for other purposes as well. If not this, then take an example for your daily life. Would you feel happy after waking up on a soft and quality bed sheet or the one that feels like spikes on the back?

Maze cotton kitchen apron


Equip your home with appliances that make your work simpler and not the ones that give you a headache at infrequent intervals.

All the above-stated products ask for a carefully purchase decision. Ellementry puts your mind and struggles to choose the right product at rest with its 100 percent food-safe, sustainable and stunning cookware and decors products.

Chakla Belan

A modern take on the traditional chakla belan, this one is designed ergonomically to make it an efficient roti shaper. It comes with a base for the rolling pin, where it can rest while not in use.

Terracotta baking dish

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Bake your favourite pasta or lasagna in this simple and pleasing look at the terracotta baking dish. Terracotta is considered the best for being the long-lasting and sustainable cookware material. It is perfect for baking purposes. Heat gets evenly distributed all over the surface, giving you an equally crispy and thoroughly baked dish. The dish is so wonderful that you can cook and serve your guests.

Glass jar with wooden lid set of 4

Upgrade your storage game with ellementry. The glass jar set will look stunning on your cabinets. Your home must reflect your personality. If you are one of those who like to keep it simple yet unique, then the glass set by ellementry can help in a big way. You can use these jars to safely store and organize your spices or dried herbs, adding beauty to your cabinet. 

Manjari masala box

Manjari Masala Box

In any Indian kitchen, it is quite a practical thing to have all your regularly used spices in one masala box. This handcrafted and hand-carved flower shaped wooden spice box with seven compartments will hold a variety of spices at your arm’s length. So, when the oil is hot you can easily infuse your cooking magic with the aromatic spices.

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