Humans are creatures of habit. A newly found habit is using advanced products to add ease and flexibility to life. From technologically promoted appliances to automation system, homes are full of technologically advanced devices. But, this smartness is costing you your future. The technologically advanced gadgets may make your life simpler, but they also contribute a ton to the global carbon footprint. There has to be a solution. Fortunately, there is. The cure is called ‘Sustainability’ and ellementry understands how important it is to be proactive for nature, especially in today’s time. Therefore, the brand has dedicated itself to nature’ betterment via eco-friendly handmade homeware products.

How can one practice sustainability?

No matter how much longer this word takes to pronounce, adopting in lifestyle can happen in a click. All you need is some effort and an honest determination to bring a change. 

Here are some ways that can help you begin an eco-friendly journey of life starting from your house:

Save energy

The easiest way to reduce carbon emissions is by saving energy. Turn off appliances that are not in use. Your AC, heater, refrigerator emits gases that aren’t good for nature and you as well. Turn them off when they are not required. 

Switch to reusable products

Drop using products that are made from non-biodegradable material. They tend to end up in landfills and the ocean, disrupting marine’s as well as land’s quality. Switch to products that are made from reusable materials. Not only you can use them multiple times, but they are also easily degradable.

Use wise use of technology

One of the major advantages of technology is that it has reduced the use of paper. Every transaction and document recorded online, eliminate the possibility of paper wastage. Choose a paperless medium of transaction and exchange of information wherever possible.

Use eco-friendly products

Surround yourself with a product that does not enhance your home’s décor, but also considers nature. These products are not only limited to showpieces. You can have nature-friendly cookware, serveware and tableware as well. Your daily routine must have them to contribute your bit to nature’s betterment. 

To give your sustainable resolution a kickstart, ellementry presents you with a few of its elegant, unique and most importantly, eco-friendly kitchenware, made from natural material:

Terracotta products

Terracotta is a modern clay. The material evenly distributes the heat all over the surface. It is suitable for recipes that require even cooking from all sides, like baking. 

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Baking is an art that everyone tries their hands on at least once. Some become favourite bakers at home while some must accept that they are born to enjoy baked food but not make one. For those, who excel in this art, ellementry wishes you to be the best with this terracotta baking dish. Bake your favourite dishes and amaze people with delectable taste. 

Sienna terracotta bowl

terracotta bowl

Bake your favourite dessert or mini cakes in this sienna terracotta bowl. The product is perfect to serve appropriate quality to every individual on the table. You can even use it to serve nuts or snacks to the guests.

Knurl terracotta curd setter with wooden lid

Knurl terracotta curd setter with wooden lid

The curd setter is perfect for making curd with healthy bacteria in it. The curd made in it is thick and healthy to consume.

Ecomix products

Ecomix is a technique of making products using the art of paper mache. Waste paper, glue and other products are used to make sturdy homeware products at home.

Akoda candle stand small-ecomix

This handcrafted glass candle stand is a beautiful fusion of glass, Ecomix and wood to make your candlelight dinner more romantic. The hand painted design on the base container makes it more culturally rooted. It will be a great addition to your interior décor collection.

Glass bottles 

Elevate your drinking game using this simple yet so beautiful-to-look-glass bottles. Use this glass bottles to store milk, water or juice. Ergonomically shaped, these glass bottle sits well in your dinning table, workstation, fridge, bed side table and more.

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