Do you know that winter is the season of eating and improving immunity? Our body desires to eat more and more because it wants to keep itself warm and protected from the cold outside. No matter how reluctantly you do it but you have to get out of bed and cook a meal for yourself in the kitchen. But, you sure can do one thing. Cook it quickly and go back to snuggle in your blanket. ellementry kitchenware will help you cook your tasty meals in no time.

Cooking essentials you use in the kitchen influence your way of cooking. They affect your speed, quality and quantity of food. Right products will help you cooking delicious food.

Using correct kitchenware for cooking ensure that your food is prepared with the right taste. 

Ever heard of that phrase, “Right tools for the right job?” The sentence aptly applies here. You are only as good as your tools. The statement stands true in your case when you choose your cooking essentials. It can be either the quantity of the ingredients or the size of chopped pieces.

For example: When you bake a cake, the number of ingredients matter a lot. That’s why every baker uses measuring cups. They are like baking essentials for him. For normal cooking, take the example of tongs. Do you think your chapattis will be the same as soft and evenly cooked from the edges without tongs?

How do you know what is essential and what is not?

It is not a big deal. Actually, it is a very simple task. The main tasks in the kitchen are chopping, mixing, slicing, and flipping. Keep these 4 things in mind, and you will find the right tools for yourself in no time. Given that there is a wide variety of cooking equipment available in the market, ellementry has lined some for you to make the process easier:

Swirl & grind mortar & pestle

Swirl & grind mortar and pestle

 Indian cuisine is full of spices and herbs. Consider them the magic potion of Indian food that automatically adds flavours and colour to the dish. The skill of hand grinding and preserving flavours of spices has been passed down through the generations. ellementry has given this traditional tool a fresh contemporary look with this swirl and grind mortar and pestle. You can easily crush whole spices like cloves, cardamom, and more which you can then use in anything from curries to kheers, pasta, to tea. 

Sous chef multiutility platter 

Sous chef multi-utility platter

Let’ admit it, people. There is nothing like home-cooked food. Of course, you can always eat it at the restaurant but the taste that home-cooked recipe has can be found nowhere else. This multi-utility platter will help you cook like a pro. You can chop on this tray and keep all the ingredients ready to start from spices to veggies to spices.

Sanchi brass roti tong

Sanchi brass roti tong

Everyone prefers nice, soft and round chapattis. Tong plays a pivotal role in the process. The tool makes it easier for the cook to flip the chapatti without burning hands. It has been a part of the kitchen for centuries.

White marble chakla belan with stand

white marble chakla belan with stand

Every Indian meal is incomplete without roti. Ask anyone, Indian, no matter which country he lives in, wants roti to satisfy the hunger. A chakla belan is the tool that helps you make the perfect round rotis. The white marble chakla belan is a modern take on the traditional tool. The product comes with a base for a rolling pin. No more worrying about belan rolling down from the station.

Equip your kitchen with the right tools from ellementry.

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