Are you stressed about not knowing the kitchen organization ways how your mother or grandmother would usually organize the kitchen? Well, Ellementry plans to change that. 

beautiful kitchen items

With a wide range of handcrafted kitchen products that are environment-friendly, sustainable and food-safe, Ellementry brings back colours, design, and class, back to your table and kitchen. Our rustic, minimalist and contemporary approach towards kitchen organization has brought back life to many kitchens and provided safe one-stop-all-purpose options since the beginning. 

The finished kitchen organization items of Ellementry are free of harmful chemicals as they go through a meticulous process from beginning to the final finishing, which emanates from good manufacturing practices. Our products are handcrafted, and thus you have your own special piece which was meant just for your kitchen. Two are never the same when it is produced by Ellementry.

Storing food

How would you decide what is the best item to store your food in? Perfect or Indian food, the glass containers are known to be least reactive and are considered the safest when it comes to storing food. Why did our intelligent grandma use glass items for all the food she wanted to store for her loved ones? We bring you the glass ribbed jar in kitchen organizer collection for healthy and safe options to store your food in. The handcrafted and sustainable jar with a design to give a better hold over the jar has a bonus benefit of being food safe. With Glass storage jar with plain wood storage just got simple and classy with Ellementry handcrafted and food safe Glass storage jar. It is easy to store items that are in small quantities and gives a sense of a clean and sensible kitchen. 

Best for storing pretty much anything, we have the hand-made Peach life ceramic jar for organizing your kitchen in a modern way with a traditional and safe touch. Picante ceramic jar with wooden lid was inspired by one of India’s favourite kitchen essentials Chilli, the raw, rustic and red ceramic jar might be just the addition which you are looking for your kitchen. For a much cooler, earthy side, the aqua rustic jar satisfies the mild-toned theme of your kitchen. The jars come with an airtight wooden lid which keeps the food safe and fresh. For the designer in you, we have an arboreal blue ceramic jar on which there are hand-painted leaf motifs that brings more of nature into your kitchen. Ellementry also provides a varied range of other handcrafted and unique ceramic jars.

Storing pasta just is made easier with Ellementry ribbed glass pasta jar. The classic look with a minimal design is just the perfect addition to organize your kitchen better. 

Organizing utensils

Peach life Cutlery holder– Serving food in beautiful utensils is a top priority for many homes but organizing them beautifully is what we specialize in. The mild-tone colour to match any kitchen theme along with the compact and modern design is what makes this cutlery holder unique and essential for your kitchen.

Mango wood Utensil holder– In an alluring colour of blue, this utensil holder has sustainable as well as aesthetic benefits. The mango wood used to handcraft the holder is known to be more sustainable when compared to bamboo! A beautiful minimal design on the holder to give an attractive finishing touch is sure to give your kitchen a lively vibe

Ceramic Utensil Holder– the Picante red handcrafted ceramic utensil holder will add an austere vibe to your table. In another edition of ceramic utensil holders, we have ‘Azulejos Blues’ in teal Aqua rustic and might just be the addition which you are searching to assist on an upbeat dinner table.

Shelf and Racks

Wood rack and shelf– We have Ellementry rack and shelf in the state-of-art design for your aprons, towels and other kitchen essentials. We have designed it to keep the kitchen items handy yet make it look trendy. The mango wood and metal material of the kitchen organizers make it sustainable and easily adjustable to any theme according to your kitchen design. It is compact yet spacious to weave traditional yet contemporary tales to be told in your kitchen. The product is available in various sizes (Small, Medium and Large) along with colours such as white and brown. 

Wood shelf- A close-to-nature addition to your kitchen sounds perfect when we pay details in handcrafting items for organizing the stuff in the kitchen. The wood shelf of Ellementry is not just meant for kitchen as it can also satisfy the bibliophilic urges of a bookworm to keep the books in an amazing shelf we have to offer. The product is available in various sizes (Small, Medium and Large) along with colours such as white and brown.

Wood Shelf with rod- To safe keep the glass and ceramic jars from tumbling down during a hurried cooking session is easy with Ellementry Wood Shelf with a rod. A multi-purpose fusion item which also becomes a tool to hang dishcloths and other utensils will help minimize the clutter and mess in your kitchen. The product is available in various sizes (Small and Large) along with colours such as white and brown.

Storing perishables

Organizing utensils are easy with Ellementry’s range of kitchen organizers, but we have more products for you which will store your perishables in tune with your kitchen. Ellementry provides options for fruits and vegetables which enhances the character of your kitchen. The wired fruit basket with marble base, round and rectangular metal basket with wooden trim comes under this range of products which will be a beautiful addition to your storage routine. In this line of kitchen organization essentials, Ellementry has Eggshell metal storage bins for garlic, onions, and potatoes which cannot be stored in the fridge and needs constant air supply. The bins are specifically crafted to cater to the needs with holes and lids to keep it clean and fresh at the same time.

Storing bread in its packaging has gone out of trend, and thus you need a revamp for your kitchen. Ellementry has the right and safe solution for you in the form of a handcrafted eggshell metal bread box with a wooden lid. The box becomes a chopping board for those who wish to get a freshly cut slice of baked bread. Visit to check out some really cool stuff for kitchen organization purposes.

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