Most of us associate the Lazy Susan with restaurants and kitchen cabinets. We have seen these rotatable turntables many times in glamourous eateries, where food is kept artfully on top of these. 

Now, you might have been thinking of buying one of these Lazy Susan for quite a while, but did you know that you can use these lazy Susan in countless ways?

That’s right!

You can use the lazy Susan not just for the wine and dine purpose. In fact, there are many other functionalities of the lazy Susan, and this blog will highlight some of these.

(Prepare to be blown away)

Lazy Susan Benefits No One Talks About!

  • Vitamin Holder

Many times, vitamins are stored inside cold cabinets where only the front portion of a bottle is visible. Now, suppose you go for finding your vitamin C in the dark, you pose at the risk of messing up all your medicine collection. 

This will make it hard for you to find the right medication at the right time. Hence, all this fiasco will be solved the moment you use a lazy Susan to hold your medicine stash. You can use a small to mid-sized wooden Lazy Susan, for this purpose.

Simply organize your medicine bottles with the outward level facing outside on the Lazy Susan. This way, you can rotate the table and pick the right medicine as per your needs. 

On that note, for this purpose, you can invest in a classic wooden Lazy Susan. You can find these anywhere, however, for authentic handcrafted ones, you can pick websites like Ellementry.

  • Beauty Kits

If you are a lover of beauty products, chances are you own tons of these. However, between appliances and hair products, makeup and nail accessories, your bathroom can get overwhelmed with these. 

Thus, when you try to find these in all that cutter, there can be a headache. Thus, to avoid all this fiasco, you can opt for a small/medium sized lazy Susan for better organization of your products. This way, you can stock your Lazy Susan with essential beauty necessities, which are otherwise hard to find.

For example, in one end you can keep hair products like hair gels, shampoo, masks etc. In the other end, you can keep products like foundation, contour cream, highlighter, eye makeup etc.

Now, to make your lazy Susan look consistent, you can keep bulkier items on the bottom, while keeping the lighter ones at the front. This way, your lazy Susan will be evenly balanced, and all your products will be readily available to you.

  • Serving Booze 

One of the most interesting and intriguing ways to use the lazy Susan is for a booze party. Your home bar for example, can be glammed up easily with these wooden turn table countertops. 

Now, when you are generally serving drinks, most of you tend to use a bar cart for serving all your bottles. However, bar carts are big and can take up a lot of home space. Not to mention, these are quite pricey too. 

This is why, to serve those wines, spririts, beers, it is best that you use a lazy Susan. This item can offer total 360-degree spins and hence, your guests can rotate and find the drink the booze of their choice. 

Now, for this type of occasion, it is best that you buy a larger sized Lazy Susan. You can stock up tons of dishes in this lazy Susan too. For your large Lazy Susan, you can use items like wine bottles, fancy whiskey bottles and more. 

  • Refrigerator Condiments 

Keeping condiments and sauces for a long time can be hard. The reason mainly being the expiratory dates of these items. Now, condiments tend to vanish inside the Bermuda Triangle that almost all the fridges of today have. The worse, part these end up turning up exactly when you have already bought another condiment for the dishes.

Now, using all that before their expiration dates can be troublesome. Therefore, it is best that you store these on top of your round table mini countetop. You can keep the regular use ones at the front, while you can use the valuable ones in the bottom.

This way, you do not have to worry about losing a half-used bottle of BBQ sauces. What’s more? Thanks to the turn table feature, you can spin the Lazy Susan, and effectively, find that one condiment that can perfect your dish.

What’s more? You will save up tons of money when you can find what you need in a jiffy.

  • Good for Flaunting Food Art

A very creative thing you can with your lazy Susan is play with food art. In this generation of Instagram, there is an ongoing trend of food blogging. This mainly focuses on clicking images of an artful dish or a well-set dining table. The colour and design themes are glorious, the picture is spectacular and the whole set up is mesmerizing. 

Therefore, on social media, your well-set table naturally get a lot of acknowledgement and attention. Now, when you are designing your table, we advise that experiment with food aesthetics via your Lazy Susan. 

You can offer a melody of dishes like dumplings, starters, sweets, savoury bits and more via this accessory. Just make sure you decorate your dish to perfection. You can check out decorative ideas from Pinterest and Tumblr, for insights. You can also read home décor blogs and other articles for decoration ideas.

Anyway, when you are buying the Lazy Susan just ensure to invest in a reputed home décor site on the internet. You can check out website testimonials, and credentials before picking a website. However, if you are looking for options, you can try a home décor website like Ellementry. 

  • Dinner Table Conversations

Long gone are the old English age where people-maintained pin drop silence while dining. Today, people partake in tons of dinner table conversations during wine and dine.

Therefore, the best accessory you can own is a Lazy Susan. This one is a turn table, and hence, your guests can turn the dishes and serve it to them, while engaging in good dinner table conversation. Additionally, the lazy Susan can be used to serve a wide variety of cuisines. 

You can serve dishes like Asian, African, Middle East and Continental dishes in this unique turntable.

On that note, weren’t those uses of the lazy Susan unusual? We bet, you did not except any of these uses! Well, now why don’t you invest in one of these for your home? You can buy these from any reputed online store. For example, Ellementry!

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