While it pours in almost every part of India, everyone is either seeking comfort or creating comforting and cosy vibes in their homes. No matter if you enjoy getting drenched in the water every monsoon or just like observing everything at your home. In the middle of urban living where greenery and lush life finds a way, make the time you spend at home be comfortable, stylish and closer to the roots of nature.

For your perfect indoor evenings during monsoon; may it be you standing in your balcony with droplets of rain falling on your skin, or you hearing all the birds chirp with happiness or even if you’re holding a cup of tea or coffee and a plate of onion fritters.

Why not add some more comfort to your mood?

For unwinding days there is nothing like a warm light dangling where you want to create a spotlight of your own. As it switches from grey clouds and clear skies unpredictably, your urge to grab a book or watch your favourite show while curled up in the blanket is strong out there, some of the raw, wooden and aesthetic lamps for your table might enliven your favourite corner.

gun metal pendant lamp- wide
gun metal pendant lamp

It may be one of those days where travelling to the office is delayed because of a thunderstorm, but your work still needs to carry on. But the silver lining might be that you can work from your comfort spot at ease. Your solution is the twine wooden bench, which can easily fit near the window or a corner you love. It also makes the perfect foot rest while you are seated working or enjoying a snack while it is chilly and drizzling across the window. The jute and wood combination makes it strong and durable.

As much as the lighting of your room decides the mood, the furniture talks about your personality. And certain pieces just enhance your space throughout the year. The wooden writing console will create the quiet and organised ambience you need. This table is designed to give you comfort when you choose to read a book or even write it.

bruno writing desk console
bruno writing desk console

Add more to your living room where you might look for a little more productivity on a gloomy day. When your mood is filled with thoughts out of the box and bored of regularity, how about an Octagon, a four-legged table? Right in the centre of your living room on which you can relax.

bruno octagon coffee table with wooden legs
bruno octagon coffee table with wooden legs

Set your home and space this monsoon to make it suit your vibe. With many unpleasant thoughts and dull clouds the season brings, ellementry believes in organising your home and making it look stylish yet comfortable.

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