Tea is one of the best beverages in the world and billions of people all over the world enjoy at least one cup of tea every day. This is a beverage that originated in China and South East Asia and slowly became the top beverage of the world. Today tea is consumed in many forms in countries like the United Kingdom, China, India, the United States and other countries all over the world. Along with coffee, it is the best hot drink available for an instant boost and freshness and can be consumed at any time of the day.

Preparing Tea

Tea is very easy to prepare and requires quite a few ingredients and it is one of the basic recipes that most people know how to prepare, regardless of their knowledge or lack thereof of cooking. It is made by preparing boiling water and then adding crushed dried tea leaves to the mix and boiling them in water or letting them steep in hot water. Tea is available mainly in two forms which are loose tea and tea bags. There is often a debate about which one should be chosen to make tea – Loose Tea or Tea Bags. Preparing tea is an art form and there is nothing better for many people than a good cup of tea in the morning or in the afternoon.

What is Loose Tea?

Loose tea is basically as the name suggests crushed and dried tea leaves which are sold in packages or canisters and packs or even paper bags loosely without any additional packages. Usually, these packets of tea are available in half kg or one kg packages. It is a good idea to open small packets at a time so that they retain flavors. Loose tea is to be kept in airtight containers that are available online on top stores like Ellementry. Loose tea is available in different varieties like Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea to name a few.

What are Tea Bags?

The early 20th century was the first time when tea bags were introduced and they slowly became a popular and convenient way to make fresh tea. Either boiling water or the mix of boiling water, milk and sugar is given to individuals with a tea bag. The tea bag consists of a small porous sachet containing dry tea leaves or powdered tea and this tea sachet is dipped in the boiling water mix to make tea. The individuals have a choice of how strong they want their tea, as the more they dip the tea bags the stronger the tea gets. Tea bags can be stored in beautiful boxes and containers which can be bought on websites like Ellementry. Different types of teas are available in the tea bags and they are a convenient way of making tea.

The Debate between Loose Tea and Tea Bags

There is a great debate between the right ways of making tea. Some people like to use loose tea and boil it in the water on the stove while others like to use boiling water and tea bags. To understand which type of tea to choose, it is essential to know the difference between the two types of tea. The following are some of the differences between them which help decide on whether to choose loose tea or tea bags:

Storage of the Tea

There are different methods of storage of tea and depending on the type of tea, the storage is determined. Loose dried and crushed tea leaves can be stored in only airtight containers as there is a change of the aroma escaping after some time. Tea caddy or canister is usually used to store tea properly. Tea bags are available in different flavors and can be stored in beautiful compartmentalized wooden boxes. The storage of tea bags is very convenient and can be stored in any boxes.

Type of Tea Leaves

Loose tea is available in different varieties depending on the quality of the tea and the tea leaves used to make the tea. Good quality tea that is available in a loose variety generally has much larger tea leaves in comparison to most tea leaves found in tea bags. Tea oils and flavor of tea made from good quality large tea leaves in the loose tea variety are better than the crushed dry powdered type of tea available in most tea bags. There are tea bags available with good quality tea but the type of tea leaves, in general, is much better in loose tea.

Method of Making Tea

One of the main differences that determine whether to pick loose tea or tea bags is how the tea is made. The basic loose tea recipe is to boil water on the stove or kettle and add a spoonful of loose tea leaves and let them boil with the water. The recipe also can include spices, milk, and sugar and then after it is prepared usually strained with a tea strainer to remove the tea leaves residue from the tea. Tea bag recipe is much easier as it simply involves dipping tea bags in hot water or a mix of hot water sugar and milk. The teabags control how strong the tea is and if many people are having tea, each person can control the strength of the tea which is not true for tea made for a group together using loose tea leaves. 

Convenience during Travel

One of the key differences between loose tea and tea bags is convenience. In a lot of luggage, loose tea can be carried in boxes and canisters that are bought at top websites like Ellementry. However, for quick travel, backpacking, and long-distance travel, tea bags are much easier to use and to carry making it a convenient option in comparison to loose tea packets. Tea bags are a convenient option for travel in comparison to loose tea containers. There is no straining required in a tea bag which is another element of convenience with tea bags.

Variety in Loose Tea

To buy the appropriate mugs and tea sets for the tea from stores like Ellementry, it is important to know the variety of loose tea available in the market. The most popular type of teas available in the loose tea variety includes black tea, oolong tea, green tea, types of herbal teas and chai tea to name a few. Almost all types of tea are available in the loose variety making this option much more versatile in comparison to tea bags.

Variety in Tea Bags

Tea bags also have a variety of options and the variety is generally more than loose tea options. Tea bags packet can be bought with all tea bags of one variety of tea or an assorted collections pack with tea bags with different types of tea. Different types of herbal tea, green tea, and regular strong black tea are all available in tea bags.


Tea is an everyday beverage and depending on the quality of the tea, the price and costs can be determined. But in general, tea bags are much more expensive in comparison to loose tea if compared in terms of quantity. Loose tea is much cheaper than tea bags if compared in the same variety.

The debate between loose tea and tea bags ultimately is based on all the above-mentioned aspects and ultimately also on preference. You can decide what’s your priority, if it is convenience then you can go for tea bags but if you don’t want to compromise with the authentic taste, then you must go for loose ones. Do visit Ellementry today to buy tea bag boxes and containers for open tea leaves.

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