When it comes to wall decor, mirrors are your best friend. The days of only using mirrors in the bathroom or bedroom are long gone. Wall mirrors are the most versatile decor element you can add to your home. They easily make a statement and become the focal point without being overpowering. They provide the ideal blend of aesthetics and functionality if positioned mindfully.

Wall Decor Mirrors

Let ellementry guide you to enhance your space using mirrors from our collections.

Gaiyo mirror

Accentuate your space with the Gaiyo round mirror. It has a perfect balance of artistic charm and a fresh modern style. Place it on the wall of your living room to add dramatic character to the space or at the entryway to give it a welcoming vibe. Hanging it on your foyer wall is also an excellent idea for a last-minute hair and makeup check before running out the door. The Gaiyo round mirror is handcrafted and made with sustainable materials. Pair it with other pieces from the Gaiyo collection to complete the look.

gaiyo mirror - large
gaiyo mirror – large

Farmhouse Flair Wall Mirror

Oval mirror

Break the monotony with the Farmhouse flair oval mirror. Designed to bring the charm of the countryside into your home. Its distressed look will help you add a rustic charisma to the space. You can also hang it horizontally to create an off-beat look. For an eye-catching display, place it in hallways or above the ready-to-assemble desk from the Farmhouse flair collection.

farmhouse flair wall mirror - oval
farmhouse flair wall mirror – oval

Round mirror

Let the Farmhouse flair round mirror emit positive and good energy into your room.
More than just making a room appear bigger, wall mirrors also help make the room brighter. Place it opposite a window to illuminate your room.

The round mirror also helps soften the hard angles of the room while making it look airier. Pair it with the oval and square shape mirror from the collection to create a wall art display.

farmhouse flair wall mirror - round
farmhouse flair wall mirror – round

Square mirror

Clever use of mirrors can help you enhance light, accentuate dimensions, and add character to any space. The Farmhouse flair square mirror does it flawlessly. It gives spaces just the right amount of glitz and elegance without becoming overwhelming. Pair it with round and oval-shaped mirrors to create a unifying look and achieve balance.

farmhouse flair wall mirror - square
farmhouse flair wall mirror – square

Let your mirrors do the talking and become a good conversation starter for guests!
Check out the entire collection on our website or stop by your nearest store to get your hands on our newest arrivals and best sellers.

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