The monsoon is a time of joy and freshness, as the rains bring relief from the heat and fills the air around us with fragrance. However, the rainy season also brings some challenges for keeping your home and your precious ellementry products in good condition. Moisture, humidity, and dampness can affect the quality and durability of your kitchenware, tableware, serveware, decor, and furniture, if not taken care of properly. We have some easy and effective tips to help you keep your home collection in good shape during the rainy season. Follow these simple steps and enjoy the monsoon magic with ellementry.

Monsoon Care Tips for your Home

Kitchenware: Dry it thoroughly and store it well

Kitchenware is mostly made from natural materials like wood, ceramic, glass, metal, and terracotta which are food-safe, handcrafted, and elegant. However, during the rainy season, your kitchenware may be exposed to moisture and humidity, which can cause damage or spoilage. Here are some tips to prevent that:

  • Dry your kitchenware thoroughly before storing them in a cool and dry place. You can use a dry and soft cloth to remove any moisture. Placing some silica gel packets or neem leaves in the cabinets helps in absorbing excess moisture and preventing fungal growth.
  • Avoid microwaving or heating your ceramic or terracotta kitchenware (except microwave and oven safe products) in the oven or on the stove, as they may crack or chip due to high heat. They can be used only for serving or storing food.
  • Polish or wax your wooden kitchenware occasionally to maintain their shine and prevent them from swelling or cracking.

Tableware: Wash it gently and wrap it safely

Tableware Care Tips

Tableware is made from high-quality materials like ceramic, metal, glass, wood, marble and linen that are designed to suit your mood and occasion. In the rainy season, your tableware may be prone to breakage or staining due to moisture or spills. Here are some tips to avoid that:

  • Wash your tableware immediately after use with warm water and a gentle detergent. Soaking them for too long or scrubbing them too hard is not advised. Rinse them well and wipe them dry with a soft cloth.
  • Store your tableware in a clean and dry place and wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent chipping or scratching. Placing some camphor balls or cloves in your drawers or shelves can keep away insects and odors.
  • Remove any stains from your tableware as soon as possible. It can be easily done using baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, or toothpaste. For napkins or placemats, you can use bleach or stain remover to wash them.

Serveware: Clean it regularly and protect it from dust

Serveware Care Tips

Your serveware is crafted from exquisite materials like ceramic, glass, metal, wood, marble and brass which add charm and beauty to your dining table and make your food look more appetizing. During the monsoon, your serveware may be affected by moisture and dust, which can dull their shine and appeal. Here are some ways to preserve their beauty and functionality:

  • Clean your serveware regularly with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. Do not use abrasive or acidic substances, as they may damage the surface or the finish of your serveware.
  • Protect your serveware from moisture and dust. You can spray them with a water-repellent or an anti-dust spray to prevent them from getting wet or dusty. Place some dried flowers or herbs in your serveware to keep them fresh and fragrant.

Decor: Dust it off and spray it well

Home Decor Care Tips

Decor is a collection made from artistic materials like ceramic, glass, metal, wood, cotton and jute that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home and make it more lively and cheerful. It may be exposed to moisture and dirt, which can affect their color and texture during the rainy season. Few steps of care may enhance their beauty and durability:

  • Dust off your decor items gently and carefully. Use a soft brush or a damp cloth to dust them off. For glass or metal items, a mild vinegar solution can be used to remove any stains or spots.
  • Spraying the decor items with a water-repellent or an anti-dust spray can prevent them from getting wet or dusty. They can be moved away from windows or doors where they may get splashed.

Furniture: Seal it well and keep it away from pests

Care Tips Furniture

Furniture is a common element of every home that is made from sturdy materials like wood, metal and marble. These materials are designed to suit your space and style and provide you with functionality and comfort. However, they may be subjected to moisture and termites during monsoon, which can weaken and damage. To maintain the quality and longevity of your furniture:

  • Sealing your wooden furniture with a coat of varnish or lacquer to seal the pores and prevent moisture absorption is every effective. You can also use anti-termite sprays or solutions to keep away the pests.
  • Clean your furniture regularly with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Using water or soap to clean it may cause swelling or warping of the wood. For metal furniture, you can use a mild polish or oil to prevent rusting or corrosion.

We hope these tips will help you take good care of your ellementry products during the rainy season. They are not just products but pieces of art that are handcrafted with love and care by our skilled artisans and deserve your love and care too. So treat them well and enjoy their beauty and utility for years to come.

Happy monsoon!

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