Ever wondered why things look lively at stores and seem to lose their charm once you bring it home. The contrast lies in the lighting. Everything looks beautiful and charming under the light. As soon as it away from the light, things loose charm. Do you realize the power the perfect lighting has on you? It sets your mood. It influences your opinion about things around you.

Consider this! Suppose you have decorated your house with all the antiques and modern furniture ware but no proper lighting. Do you think your expensive, unique decorative pieces would look as attractive as you think they would? NO, right! That’s the magic of lighting. It lights up the mundane. It brightens up every corner of the house making it look beautiful and lively.

Lighting creates an atmosphere in a space. The good news is that an individual doesn’t have to invest much to create a lighting design. There are some latest led lights for homes available in the market these days. These are considered the best light for homes as they brighten up the place without consuming much of the energy.

Our body responds to the psychological effects of lighting. Our actions change according to the kind of place we are in and the kind of lighting it has.

To create the right ambience, it is imperative to have the right lighting. There are several ways as to how you can brighten up a darkened room with perfect lighting. Here are some easy ways to create the right ambience.

  1. Beginning from the very entrance of a place, a home’s hallway or entry. For example, it should be well lit. Make sure it’s not too bright and not too dull. A person must feel good and welcomed at the very moment he steps inside your house. One can use some fancy lights for the home entrance.
  2. The living room, where all the friends and family members gather and share the conversations, does well with cool lights. Remember the type of lighting used influences your mood. Use cool ceiling led lights for the home and office as well. They evenly lit the room and keep the ambience tranquil and pleasant. A beautiful chandelier adds beauty to your home and your lighting design as well. A glass chandelier will look good over the tableware. Warm and soft lights are preferable here.
  3. Do we not consider our bedroom the only private place where we could be ourselves? It is like our escape from all the hustle-bustle of the world. It, indeed, deserves the best lighting. A beautiful lamp on the side table or a warm white light placed at lower levels, transitioning you from a busy day to restful nights, would work magic. For all the readers, a sidelight would add to your delight of reading.
  4. A study says that the food tastes as good as the chef’s mood.  It is mandatory to keep the cook happy in the kitchen. The kitchen should be well lit to elevate mood and safety. Proper bright lights must be installed in the kitchen spaces for functionality reasons as well.
  5. Decorating the balcony space is a new trend nowadays. It is exciting to see a place used to hang and dry wet clothes is now everybody’s favourite spot in their leisure moments. One could make his balcony a cosy corner of the house by hanging a glowing sphere of light from the ceiling. It will create a beautiful curtain of warm lights. Put a small coffee table, a bean bag, and a cup of coffee. Viola! Your beautiful space is ready.

Be it any place, home, office, departmental store, or even a shopping mall, dull lighting spoils the mood. It causes headaches, eye strain, making one feel lethargic all day. Too bright lights also do the same. It may even trigger migraine headaches.

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The importance of lighting has come a long way. The best mood lighting to use is daylight bulbs which mimic natural light. Lighting is not just about bringing light into the darkroom. It plays a crucial part in the entire look of a space. It creates a mood like serenity, relaxation, concentration and playfulness.

It is true, people do not give much thoughts to lighting. But the next time you decide how to make your place make more lively and welcoming, give extra attention to lighting. It is easy, affordable, and it vanishes the mundane. It will also make your space stand out from the rest and visually appealing.

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