The first time you must have seen a mortar & pestle is when grandmother used it to pound spices and nuts. It used to be fascinating to watch. Factually speaking, each one of you must have had tried pounding it at least once. There was something fun about doing it. Even though people prefer to use technologically advanced machinery to do the job, mortar & pestle remains a crucial culinary tool in the kitchen. It deserves to be appreciated for extracting mega flavours from ingredients. If you want to give your dish the same taste as your grandmother’s, use mortar & pestle by ellementry.

Mortar and pestle remain to be one of the most necessary tools of the kitchen. For a short period, people switched their preferences to automatic blenders and cutters. But, soon, they realized the difference of taste in the dishes. Spices pounded in mortar and pestle release more flavours than those crushed in blenders. This realization made people treat mortar & pestle is an essential part of the cookhouse.

How is mortar & pestle better than automatic blades?

It is true that electronic gadgets make work simpler and save a lot of time. But, the authentic taste of spices and herbs get lost somewhere when they are cut rather than crushed. When you pound an item in mortar & pestle, the continuous smashing makes fibres and cells fall apart. The spice starts to change its texture and ultimately releases its full aroma and flavour. This is something that no blender or cutter can do.

What all should one consider before buying a mortar & pestle for the kitchen?

There are some tips that one should keep in mind before and after buying a mortar & pestle.

While buying one for your household, pay close attention to the mortar’s inside curvature and surface. It should not have any sort of corners or sharp ends. Ensure it has a slightly rough and not completely smooth surface. A rough surface gives helps in perfect pounding.

Before actually using it for the actual cooking process, do not forget to season it. Grind raw rice multiple times. This will help get rid of the sand and dust that gets stuffed in the rough surface of mortar during manufacturing.

A good mortar and pestle are like a blessing to your culinary skills. Not only it gives your dish an authentic flavour, but it also keeps you grounded and attached to your Indian roots. Have a look at some of the best kinds of mortar and pestle by ellementry:

Erebus marble mortar & pestle

Erebus marble mortar & pestle

The product is something you wouldn’t have imagined seeing in the mortar & pestle category. It is the shape and design that make it different and unique. When one says mortar & pestle, you form an image of a deep round bowl and a rod. The product by ellementry has a square mortar and ball-shaped pestle. Consider it a modern take on a traditional tool. You may crush the fresh spices for the masala tea and directly put it in the saucepan in which you are making the tea. This handcrafted functional piece of art is for those who like to keep it stylish even when it comes to the simplest of things.

Swirl & grind mortar and pestle

Swirl & grind mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle is a great kitchen accessory that offers plenty of nostalgia. The swirl and grind mortar & pestle by ellementry will take you to the times when you watched gurus crushing medicinal leaves on television. The product has a cultural vibe to it. It is ideal to crush spices like cloves, cardamom, bay leaf and more kept in your masala box to add aroma and taste to Indian cuisine. This culinary tool lends itself to a plethora of uses.

White marble mortar & pestle-small

white marble mortar pestle small

Crafted with white marble, this classic white marble mortar and pestle by ellementry is no less than a piece of décor in the kitchen. It adds an element of authenticity by its appearance. It is the most standard and ideal structure of mortar and pestle. Mortar and pestle of this shape and size are most preferred by Indian households. Mortar is deep enough to pound more quantity. Pestle, on the other hand, is long enough to provide the user with a firm grip.

White marble mortar and pestle

white marble mortar & pestle

The product is here to add a natural essence to your kitchen and culinary skills. Crushing spices will be effortless with this white marble mortar and pestle. It is a great addition to your cooking tool and kitchen.  

Give your culinary skills a treatment of aromas and flavours using mortar and pestle by ellementry.

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