Looking for Most Unusual and Uncommon Gifts to Give To a Tea Lover?? If yes, then read out this entire article. Here, we have presented favourite and unconventional gifts for tea lovers. You can buy them from the market as well as our Ellementry store at affordable prices. Surprise your tea lover friend, colleagues, or loved one by these perfect gifts!

Tea is one of the most famous beverages all over the world. According to Chinese legends, people are drinking tea from 2737 BCE. It has been the favourite drink of many people for a thousand years. From emperors, queens, dignitaries to the ordinary people, all are addicted to it.

There is no doubt at all that tea lovers takes their brew seriously. If you want to make their tea sip more unique and enjoyable, then you can give them new flavours to explore, some beautiful service ware, Tea Box, or an out of the box homage to their favourite sip. Here, we have tracked some Unusual and Uncommon Gifts to give to a Tea Lover. Go through them!

The list of Gifts for Tea devotees!!!

To get the perfect idea for tea lovers’ gift, then check out our best products given below. We make sure that your tea lover friend would love them.

Tea Drops: Drop, Stir, and Drink

Tea drop is a mixture of tea leaves + sugar + spices. If you haven’t enough time to prepare tea for you, then just boil water. Put one drop in a cup and stir for a few minutes. Your new flavoured tea is ready. These tea drops come to a box in 5 different flavours of tea. The flavours include Citrus Ginger, Vanilla White, Rose Earl Grey, Sweet Peppermint, and Matcha Green Tea. If you give tea drops to your tea lover friend, then he/she will be happier to taste different flavours. Along with this, you also have the chance to explore more flavours. You can also impress your guests with a calming cup of tea at the drop of a drop!

Unique Wooden Tea Box

We are sure that the wooden box is the perfect shot for tea lovers. Every tea lover has a secret wish to have a wooden box to store packets of tea. You can find a Unique Wooden Tea Box on our platform that is Ellementry. They are hand-made, high quality, and at affordable prices. In fact, you can order them online and get it at your home without any hassle.

Herbal Bath Tea Kits: Add Plenty of Hot Water

What better way to test the depths of your love of tea than to bathe in it? Let little waves of aroma wash your all stresses away. This herbal kit is suitable for 4-5 soaking sessions with the included muslin sacks. You can find it in different blends available in the market such as Soothing/Healing, Relax/Sleep, Stimulate/Rejuvenate, Sore Muscles, and Congestion Relief. It is made up of organic ingredients and doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives; they’ll last a solid 9-12 months in the bag.

Tea Infuser Mug Set: Wheel Thrown in Wisconsin

Gifting a Tea Infuser Mug Set to the tea devotee can be a perfect idea!!! Many people love to have their tea in a large mug. This Tea Infuser Mug has enough space to expand tea leaves accurately. And its lid keeps the tea hot for a long time.

Moreover, you can put this tea infuser in the microwave or dishwasher too. So, if you haven’t decided yet, what gift should you give to your tea lover friend? Then, go with the ceramics tea infuser mug, which is beautiful and well-crafted too.

The Tea Towel: Everything You Need to Know

We have almost one friend who tends to spill now and then! If you also have one this type of tea lover friend, then give them this tea towel. It is Unusual and Uncommon Gifts to Give To a Tea Lover, which can be hung in the kitchen or can be framed and put it at the wall of the home. You can customize it too with your favorites quotes, facts, snippets, and musings. They are made of cotton stuff, available in the market at pocket-friendly prices in good quality.

Chai Dice & Organic Spice Kit: Experimental Brewing

Chai dice is a delightful creation spontaneity and an exploration of new intriguing flavours. They come in the set, including eight dice featuring both traditional and experimental chai ingredients. You are not required to make more efforts. Just roll the dice, gather up ingredients, and fire up a burner to start exploring the endless flavour possibilities.

Along with this, you will also get one optional organic spice kit add-on with enough ingredients. With the help of these ingredients, you can discover about 50 adventurous cups of chai. So, what are you waiting for?? Buy it and give it to your loved one. We assure you that they will love it and give you a big hug. After all, it is an absolutely unique and creative idea to bring a beautiful smile on their face.

Tea Infuser Travel Mug: Stay Loose!

If you love to travel or have to visit a different place with the purpose of the office and haven’t enough time to have a cup of tea, then don’t worry. Tea infuser travel mugs allow you to take your brew on the road, around the office, or out to the patio! It’s double glass-walled keeps your tea or coffee hot for an hour or more, and the screw-on lid doesn’t leak. This Tea Infuser Travel Mug is also an Unusual and Uncommon Gifts to Give to a Tea Lover. And one fantastic thing about them is they are entirely affordable. Not contain high cost at all.

The “Perfect” Tea Strainer

Every tea contains some strains which can’t be swallowed at any cost. To escape particles from the brew, you can give your friend The “Perfect” Tea Strainer. It has features to avoid even a single small particle and make your tea absolutely pure. Let your tea lover friend enjoy a sip without any hassle. It’s also large enough for tea leaves to expand to their full flavour potential and slides easily over the top of most standard-sized cups and teapots. Buy tea strainers from Ellementry today.

Tea Plant Kit: Grow Your Tea Leaves

Some of our friends love to grow their tea. If you have no friends like this, then help your tea lover friend to grow their tea. You can encourage them by gifting a Tea Plant Kit. It contains all instructions on how to build and to make sure everything goes smoothly. This Chamomile plant kit comes with supplies to grow your fragrant herbal tea. Along with this, you can find more realities in it, such as an Arabica coffee plant kit, a mojito kit, and tons of others!!

Final conclusion

So, these are the top Unusual and Uncommon Gifts to Give to a Tea Lover. You can find more in the market as well to make your friends happy. If you are looking for high-quality products, then you must visit our well maintained and visitor-friendly Ellementry store. We assure you that you will get the right quality products at reasonable rates.

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