Who would have thought that empty glass bottles that people have otherwise thrown away could use as a piece of décor? It is not the only example of how you can use the waste item in more than one way? There are so many things with multiple purposes in and around the home. They save time and money. It’s not just your old belongings; Things that you bought recently can be used in different ways as well. ellementry has several kitchenwares and décor items that can do much more than their conventional use.

Items you own can be used in many clever ways other than their designated purpose. The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive and doesn’t ask for too much effort as well. An Indian household is full of such items. You may not be aware of a few of them. 

Next time, when you think of throwing them away, consider using them in other ways.

Aluminium foil

Other than wrapping food, have you ever thought of ways you can use aluminium foil? Bet, you would not have. To your surprise, you can use aluminium foil as

  1. A scrubber
  2. Scarecrow
  3. Speed up ironing

All three will make your work super easy and quick. Hanging some pieces on trees protect your fruits from notorious winged creatures. A layer of foil under the ironing board makes the process of ironing faster and efficient.

Jars and tins

Most people throw away empty jars and tin cans. They don’t know is that those jars and tins can be used in so many ways. They help in keeping everything organized and in place. You can use them as

  1. Desk tidies
  2. Planters

Label them and put your stationery in the tin can on the desk. Plant your favourite saplings in large-sized jars. Cut out a few thin rectangles in a used aluminum can and store all your knives in one place.

Tennis balls

You cannot even imagine how convenient your tennis balls are. Other than in sports, you can use them as

Parking aids

Floor protectors

Tie an old tennis ball to the roof of your garage. It will work as an indicator to know when to press the brakes while parking the car back in the garage. You can also use it to protect the floor. Cut a ball into half and put each half at the bottom of the chair legs.

There are many other things in your home that you have no idea can be used in shockingly multiple ways.

 Here are some more multi-purpose products by ellementry that will make your life easier and happier

Carbon cutlery holder with spoon rest 

Carbon cutlery holder with spoon rest

Other than storing spoon collection, have you ever thought of ways one can use your spoon rest? The carbon cutlery holder with spoon rest by ellementry will surprise you with its multi-purpose utility. Apart from holding your precious cutlery in the centre and resting spoons on the sides, you can use it to store your art brushes and tools.

Ecomix napkin holder

Ecomix napkin holder

Made with Eco-mix and coloured with the ikat dyeing technique, this paper napkin holder is sure to command attention at any party. With its clean shape, it can also double up as a pen stand for your work desk. Keep it on your home study table or at your office’s workstation, it will rock every space with its elegant look. It would also be a perfect gifting idea for friends or family members.

Sous chef multi-utility platter

Sue chef multi-utility platter

Use it as your chopping board at once, and then use it as your platter to serve cheese, cookies, nuts and everything you love. Different sections on the platter will help you organize every item neatly.

You can look at more of such multi-purpose kitchenware at ellementry.com. They are sustainable, super elegant and unique.

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