“What is all the fuss about?”

wooden napkin ring

“We are just eating, why spend so many hours decorating the table?”

How often have you heard people saying this? Understandably, setting up a table is a task in itself. But, what many don’t realize is that it plays a pivotal role in setting up the mood for the meal. The way your table looks holds the power to make the food look tastier than usual. Those who like to do everything in an organized way realize how important it is for the table to look welcoming and so ready for the meal. Give your table the setting it deserves with ellementry. The brand has beautifully handcrafted, elegant tableware and décor items that will serve you the purpose effortlessly.

Why table setting is important at home?

There are many reasons as to why your table must look presentable. There is so much that goes on to the table. Serveware alone is not enough. There are other items as well that influence our way of eating. Here are some reasons listed for you to understand the importance of table setting:

You must have not noticed, but the way your cutlery is placed influences the conversation on the table. The positioning of dinnerwarecutlery, mats, condiment set, glasses defined the way people interact on the table. E.g.” Please pass me the bowl of rice.’ This sometimes acts as an ice-breaker for some people.

Right table setting ensures uninterrupted eating. When you place every item as per the standard-setting, the possibility of forgetting something is almost nil. 

Making sure everything that is required for a happy meal is on the table means nobody has to get up from their seat to bring the forgotten things.

It makes your children learn table etiquette at an early age.

It is one way to make your kids learn values in a way. A mother cooks, the father brings all the groceries. Kids can help in setting up the table. It is also a great way to get them involved and interact as they do the job.

What are all one needs for table setting?

  • Nice-looking tableware
  • Mats
  • Glasses
  • Condiment set
  • Water jug
  • Napkins that are neatly placed in a napkin ring.

Not every household have napkin rings. It often happens that the napkin slips or flies away to another side. Here are some beautiful solutions by ellementry to keep them in place:

Mango napkin ring bird large set of 2 brown

If you like to have a touch of your culture and tradition in everything around you, then this product is for you. The bird-shaped napkin ring by ellementry is made from mango wood. The product is simple and distinct at the same time. Not everyone owns the simplicity with pride. Tie your napkins with an elegant looking napkin ring and give your table an iconic setting.

Mango napkin ring leaf set of 2 brown

napkin ring
Mango napkin ring leaf set of 2 brown

Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference. This leaf-shaped napkin ring has the same impact on the table. The product is quite an enhancer on the table décor at a dinner party. The ring is small, yet it will stand out like nothing else. Its leaf-like design adds-on to its natural beauty.

Fine dine maroon napkin ring gift set round set of 2

How often do you get the items for your table that truly stands out? Life is too short for using simple products. Embrace the look of your table and with these fine dine maroon napkin rings. The maroon design in the middle appears like a stone. It gives a distinguished look to the dining set. Give your table a dash of flourish with these napkin rings. The interesting geometric shape and vibrant colour will add a cheerful vibe to the table.

Fine dine blue napkin ring gift set round set of 2

Are you a fan of antique rings? How about bringing some to the table? The fine dine blue napkin ring by ellementry looks like a stylish and elegant ring, just like the one you wear on your finger all the time. The symmetrical shape and calming blue colour bring style to the table.

All the napkin rings by ellementry are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Not only your table will make a statement, but it will also look well maintained as well.


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