The right timing is everything. Just like catching sunrises, sunsets and flowers bloom.

Do you worry that your favourite collection will be incomplete because certain pieces are out of stock among the numerous options available in home decor, serveware, and kitchenware?

If you are looking for something designed and made with love and culture, ellementry’s latest collection, Fleur D’or, highlights most of it. But to dig deeper into the details, every wrinkle and vein of the flower highlights its uniqueness. The same beauty is made long-lasting and therefore etched beautifully into the mango wood.

fleur d’or platter with glass cloche
fleur d’or platter with glass cloche

You would want to stop and adore the details.

Welcome your guests by serving them some delicious appetisers on a beautiful platter. Apart from being handcrafted and sustainable, they are inspired by the flowers painted on wood. The blooms are adored by everyone just after the monsoon season. It’s perfect for gathering over some comforting food and perhaps enjoying a fancier platter of cheese or desserts.

fleur d'or platter large
fleur d’or platter large

New additions to your candle holder collection.

You might have a fairly old table or even a brand new counter, but a candle holder that suits all of them has to be this natural brown candle stand. You might want to add more of these to your collection or even gift one to someone. You can find the same in a larger size. Brighten everyone’s mood with the newest launches. 

fleur d'or candle stand
fleur d’or candle stand

Maintain the artsy look.

While the clutter of your cutlery is right in front of you, ellementry helps you organise and improve your lifestyle. Minimal handpainted flowers across the cutlery stand can be a small and spontaneous add-on in your everyday life. While you can keep switching your food habits and cutlery, the stand can stay constant. Something that holds positivity that we adapt from nature.

fleur d'or cutlery stand
fleur d’or cutlery stand

Flowers are always a good pick to radiate good energy, hope, and simplicity. Find your favourite from the collection. ellementry living is all about being connected and rooted with nature and the modern lifestyle. 

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