The drill of serving guests includes offering them a welcome snack and drink. It is like a ritual. Snacks are one way of welcoming visitors to the home and making them feel comfortable. Our culture and tradition encourage all to feed the people who visit our home well. Now, what you give as a snack also matters. You cannot put anything in front of the people. You must be considerate of their likes and dislikes. Few snacks are universal. Everyone likes them, and they are also highly nutritional. Whichever you may choose, you must have the right serveware for them. ellementry, a complete homeware brand, has tableware that will help you present snacks in the most delightful way. 

Brunet mango wood platter (Small)
Brunet mango wood platter (Small)

Almost all of you must be familiar with the guest’s trial. It has been called trial because no matter how much you are on a diet or trying to have everything gluten-free, you are bound to savour those irresistible snacks. Indian snacks are homemade, and that is what makes them more delicious. 

There are many snacks one can enjoy with their friends and visitors. They are the way to keep the conversation going, provided they are tasty and equally crunchy. Keep them safe and fresh for a long time in the below-given containers, bowls, and platters by ellementry:

Carbon ceramic snack platter

carbon ceramic snack platter
carbon ceramic snack platter

It is common to expect friends over on the weekend. You can call them for a movie or just to hang out. But to keep them entertained and comfortable, food plays a crucial role. Chips, as we mentioned, are everyone’s favourite. Chip or nachos when served with delicious dipping sauce taste like heaven. Use this ceramic snack platter from ellementry to serve everyone’s desirable dish of all time.

Black masala wooden nut bowl large and small

nut bowl
Black masala wooden nut bowl- large & small

Who said serveware could be anything? It can’t be. Because what you serve in says about your lifestyle. Offer your guests crunchy and lite nuts or nibbles in this black masala wooden nut bowl. It is available in two different sizes-large and small. Use as per your preference.

Umber leaf wooden platter

Umber leaf wooden platters

No one serves one snack to the guests. It is the tradition to serve at least 2 snacks. One could be salty and another one could be something sweet. Whatever you choose to present, use an umber lead oval platter. Serve your dry snacks, mithais or small canapes on this wooden platter. You may also use it as a tray, or serve crackers and crudites by adding a dip bowl to it.

Twain glass jar with a wooden bowl (large)

glass jar with wooden bowl
twain glass jar with wooden bowl (large)

Multi-purpose products are the best kind. The twain glass jar is the perfect example. This large glass container is a 2 in 1. It has a wooden lid in the shape of a bowl. So, store snacks in the jar and when it is time to serve, open the wooden lid, fill the bowl and again put the lid on. Easy to store and snack. You may pair it with Twain Glass Jar with Wooden Lid.

Serve the snacks in the appropriate serveware by Ellementry and keep the conversation going for as long as you want. 


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