Setting up a home bar with all the bar essentials is crucial in drawing the interest of the guests for an unusual party experience. Glassware is important to be chosen carefully for your home bar, apart from the wines and mixers. It is because different cocktails require different types of glass to deliver the best taste of the wine.

The Basics of Getting Started

If you are planning to start a home bar, then you need to plan for the collection of the glassware. In the initial days, you may have to adjust with basic glassware as getting ideal glassware may be costly keeping in mind the expense for furnishing and, constructing the home bar. The main investment goes on this, leaving you with a less amount to spend on other bar essentials.

Secondly, there may be added chances of damage to the glasses due to the employment of new staff. If you store them in the kitchen, then they may be subjected to sudden cracks due to frequent access to the shelves to obtain other barware. This can be a real warning to the life of the glassware and, difficult to replace immediately with new ones, due to their high cost.

Different Types of Glasses

  • Beer Glass

The old type of pint glasses is simple to use and effective as well. Consider buying these pint glasses that are ideal for serving the beers. Have such type of glasses in handy is necessary to set up your basic home bar at first.

  • Wine Glass

Wines are inevitable drinks to enjoy in the bar. If you are planning to serve different types of wines, then buying these glasses individually designed for serving wine is the fittest choice. You can have multiple glasses for different wines like red and white wine. 

If there is a large collection of wine and, you are aiming to provide an engaging wine experience to the guests, then these glasses are an excellent option for presenting the genuine taste of wine.

There are two types of wine glasses to be included in the home bar. The first one is the white wine glass that is taller and, more open on the left side. And, the second one is the red wine glass that is strong and, more open on the right side.

  • Shot Glass

These solid base glasses with a sturdy look are eye-catchy and convenient to serve hard-spirits. The bartenders love these petite units as they make great blending units for pouring the mixed drinks. Get these glasses in your home bar if you are planning to serve mixed cocktails to lure the guests.

One key benefit of this glass is that it comes with a healthy body that prevents it from breakage in case, the customer thumps the glass on the table after consuming the drink.

  • Rock Glass

A tinted glass that is necessary to have in the home bar for serving mixed drinks with ice. These glasses are great alternatives for martini glasses and smaller mixed drinks. It is advised to buy a glass measuring 5 to 6 ounces for the home bar. These are just short glasses and are easy to carry around at the party.

  • Highball Glass

This elegant piece of glassware looks tall and, useful for serving tall drinks that contain mixers and juices. These modern glasses are usually not found in every bar. If you want to serve exclusive drinks that taste much better and, attract the guests, then choose these striking beauties for your home bar. Their charming design makes the drink more presentable when served in these glasses. 

They are big enough to hold more ice cubes and maximum ingredients. To experience an enjoyable drinking experience, put in the ice first and then pour the drink.

  • Cocktail Glass

The cone-shaped glasses with stem is a must to have glassware to splash the cocktails. These mirror the look of a martini glass and, are tall enough to serve a large amount of alcohol. A 6-ounce cocktail glass would be an ideal choice for serving amazing cocktails in your home bar.

  • Tumblers

Tumblers are normal glasses that come in different sizes and shapes. Buy sturdy tumblers that carry the wine smoothly without any spillage and, feels comfy in your hands. 

  • Pilsner Glass

Skip those pint glasses and, go for a set of pilsner glasses to deliver a relishing beer experience for the guests. These unique flute shaped glasses are the best choice for light beers.

  • Beer Mug

A typical mug that comes with a handle to accommodate all beers, beer cocktails, frozen cocktails, and coffee-based cocktails gracefully. A great benefit of owning these mugs is the ability to hold the beer in a hot state at your convenience.

  • Margarita Glasses

These glasses are essential to serve margarita drinks that would attract customers more. Serving in anything else may be a great frustration to them. The most sought-after drinks are served in these glasses that is why they are considered as high-quality glassware.

These also have the provision to hold other drinks but, still, margarita, when served in this, increases the taste of the drink.

  • Champagne Glass

If you desire to have many champagne cocktails in your home bar, then go for a huge collection of this glassware. It is good to buy a set of 4 or 6 glasses to meet the party needs based on the champagne you have stocked.

  • Irish Coffee Glass

This footed glass is the best choice for pleasingly serving warm drinks, especially Irish coffee. Made from heat-resistant glass, these glasses hold good for the hot drinks. These glasses typically hold between 10 to 14 ounces of any drink.

  • Sour Glass

This fragile glass is good to serve whiskey sours and, other simple drinks due to it’s less storing capacity of 3 to 6 ounces.

  • Cordial Glass

This lovely glass features a unique way to sip the liquors. As it holds the least quantity of any drink with just 2-ounce capacity.

  • The Collins Glass

Some of the premixed drinks can be served in this glass topped with ice and soda to add a refreshing taste to the drink. These tall glasses can store enough amount of drink that makes them perfect for the flawless pouring of the gin, tonics, and vodka. 

  • Champagne Flute Glass

Celebrations call for champagne flute glass for serving special drinks to retain the bubbles and the aroma of the drink. Being delicate in design, they are the best fit for the specific type of scintillating wines. The sleek body prevents the carbonated air from escaping from the bottle quickly.


Glasses are key party elements and as a host, you need to ensure you have plenty of them stocked for running a sensational party in the home bar. Buy stunning glassware from Ellementry that are handcrafted with a modern and traditional touch. 

Have an exhilarating party for the guests by buying glasses from our store.

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