Glass bottles are underrated. Believe it or not, you feel different while using the glass bottle. It is clear, shiny and colourful beverage inside makes it look even more beautiful. Maybe that is the reason why good restaurants always serve you in glass tableware. Everything about glass is wonderful. The material is gorgeous to look at, highly sustainable and most importantly, reusable. If you have a glass bottle, which you no longer use for water, can be used for so many other purposes. That’s the advantage of using glass bottles. ellementry has a collection of glass bottles that will change your perspective towards them. 

Glass bottles are everywhere. Wherever you go, you are served water either in a glass tumbler or a bottle. You cannot run away from it. Whether you are enjoying soda with your friends or having wine on a cocktail night, you are sure to have empty glass bottles left with you. While many throw them away, Ellementry suggest you keep them safe with you. Instead of simply throwing them away in the trash can, reuse them in your own innovative and creative style. You never know how an ordinary glass bottle can help in your interior décor

Here are some tips to use empty glass bottles in different styles:

Glass bottle picture frame- Pictures remind you of your beautiful time spent with your loved ones. They must be kept safe at any cost. But, some of them are so beautiful that they are worth putting on display. Glass bottle makes an excellent photo frame. Roll your favourite ones and slip them inside the bottle. You can put some seashells or glitter inside to make it more attractive.

glass water dispenser
glass water dispenser

Vase- Some glass bottles are so beautiful that you just cannot throw them away. Put them into use and turn them into a flower vase. Paint the outer body matching your room décor and put your favourite flowers in it.

Candlestick holder- If you are a candle person, your glass bottle can be royal looking candle holders. Coat your bottles in gold paint and insert a candle on its opening. It is the simplest way to make your room look more ornate.

fryst glass carafe with wooden lid
fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

Fun greetings- Your glass bottles can be an excellent piece of décor. You can turn them into something fun and creative. Apply glue all over. Paste thread in circles or craft paper on it. Stick bold letters on each one and make a word like ‘Welcome’ or ‘home’ and keep them on the cabinet at the entrance.

These are only a few of the many ways you can use glass bottles.

Everyday glass bottle with blue glass stopper

If you are under the misconception that glass bottles are ordinary looking, then this product is here to change your outlook. The only word that is suitable for this everyday glass bottle is ‘Stunning.’ It is ironic its name is an everyday glass bottle, and it’s design is so beautiful that you will want to keep it safe for special occasions or meals. Its lid looks like a crystal on the top. Get ready to buy it because that is the only choice you have once you have a look at it.

Cove glass bottle with a ceramic stopper

With its unique design, this glass water bottle with ceramic stopper is the ideal combination of elegance and utility, adding a touch of sophistication to your water intake. With this water bottle, you will never forget to drink water every day. The appearance of the bottle is very old school yet eye-pleasing. It is perfect to keep on your table or use as a piece of décor later.

Frosted leaf glass bottle with black wood stopper

If you are looking for something unique, beautiful and eco-friendly, then you are at the right place. The frosted leaf glass bottle will be a great addition to your glassware. Use it to store freshly squeezed juices, or as a décor item with fairy lights, it will undoubtedly stand firm on your expectation. It is made of lead-free glass and comes with a pretty black stopper.

Square glass water bottle with a ceramic stopper

Break the monotony with a square glass water bottle. You might have never seen or rarely seen a square-shaped water bottle. The product stands out with its unique shape and typography makes it more desirable. It comes with a hand-painted ceramic stopper that gives it an artistic look.

All these glass bottles by ellementry are appropriate to reuse. 


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