Some things never get old. Indian households embody this statement perfectly. Even today, the Indian kitchens have all the traditional tools like mortar and pestle, rolling pin and board, iron wok, and so many more. The reason is the benefit they all have on people’s health. People have been using them for centuries now. Traditional kitchenware take a modern turn at ellementry. Not only the brand provides you with the best and artistically designed cookware, but each product is 100% nature-friendly as well.

As more and more homemakers discover the benefits of the natural, organic way of life, everything from décor to food has taken a sustainable form. It is all about health, both of people and nature. History repeats itself. After using modern and electrical cookware, people are switching back to traditional cooking equipment. From brass pots and terracotta tableware, from cast iron Tawa to wooden masaladaanis, people are bringing the tradition back to their homes. 

The choices of people evolve with time. But, they tend to come back to their first choice. That’s what can be seen happening in Indian households. 

For the most of 20th century, people switched to modern stainless material that was easy to handle and maintain. Even the elderly were smitten by this shift because of utensils’ modern look, feel and ease of handling. Then came the non-stick cookware, which took over the market in a short period. It did not last long as people realized how toxic their surfaces can be. Now, we are living in a time where traditional cookware has triumphed over the consumers’ choice one more time. 

Why are traditional cookware best for daily use?

Many households in Indian cities are making the switch from modern to traditional cookware. There is only one explanation for this. The durability, stability, and sustainability of conventional cookwares have triumphed over the aesthetics and economic viability of modern cookware. Food cooked in them are believed to taste much better than ever. Like, if you use cast iron to make dosas at home, they will be crispier. All daals and greens are invariably cooked in clay pots. Spices crushed in a stone mortar and pestle give a better taste than spices crushed by an electronic mixer. Most importantly, the material the traditional cookware is made from have their benefit as well. They improve a person’s immunity and keep him fit from within.

Here is some traditional cookware for you to add a dash of your culture in the contemporary home:

Arra bra tea pan with wooden handle

brass pan
arra brass tea pan with wooden handle

Winter is here. Tea is going to be your ultimate comfort drink. Make sure tea leaves and the pounded ginger chunk on mortar and pestle boils well to give a perfect taste. Use this Arra brass tea pan from Ellementry to make the best tea. Tea made from this pan infused with flavours. Any drink boiled in this pan before serving will retain its heat for a longer time. The pot comes with a wooden handle to provide you with a firm grip while pouring the hot drink into the teapot. It will be an ideal addition to any kitchen.

Sienna terracotta baking dish (small)

terracotta baking dish
sienna terracotta baking dish (small)

Bake a modern dish like pasta in this traditional sienna terracotta baking dish. Terracotta is the best material when it comes to baking. The material evenly distributes the heat all over the surface, and you get an evenly cooked dish which tastes delicious. The terracotta dish is ideal for a long cooking process. You have an additional advantage of using this terracotta dish. After baking, you can also use it as serveware.

Arra brass fry pan

Arra brass fry pan

Iron and brass are known as the best material when it comes to deep-frying or sautés of food items. A frying pan is an essential piece of Indian cookware. It also comes in handy if you wish to cook Italian cuisine like pasta, risotto etc. It comes with a long wooden handle that helps you to hold the pan well while mixing vegetables with oil using a spatula.

Sienna terracotta bowl

sienna terracotta bowl with lid

Of course, you would have to dessert to people after the meal. Bake the best single desserts in this bowl and serve them directly to the guests. That’s right. You can use this bowl for both preparing and presenting to individuals. These cute little terracotta bowls are a visual delight on the table.

Take a look at more of such traditional cookware by ellementry. They are the perfect addition to contemporary households.

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