There is something about organized places. It unknowingly calms the senses and makes you feel relaxed. The space feels complete in the absence of mess. One room that is always messy is the kitchen. You cannot blame anyone. The room is always in use. Someone or the other is always cooking something. You cannot expect organizational skills in everyone. Nevertheless, a kitchen must maintain cleanliness and an organized working environment. Nobody understands it better than ellementry. It is the reason the brand has designed the best organizational tools for your kitchen. All the kitchenware products by the brand are sustainable and unique in design.

glass jar with bowl

All the things in the kitchen must be in the right place for several reasons. The kitchen is the heart of the home. A homemaker spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking delicious dishes. A lot goes into cooking. You have to chop, slice, collect the ingredients, mix them, turn the curry over in the pot, separate clean utensils from the dirty ones and so much more. One does this simultaneously while cooking. Of course, it will create a mess. Storage plays a major role in this situation.

Ease the cooking – Cooking involves multi-tasking. Once the oil in the pan is hot, you have to add spice, herbs, and vegetables altogether. You have to be careful to avoid burn also. If all the spices and ingredients are kept in separate jars, it is simple to get everything, just when required. 

Saves time – One tends to waste a lot of time searching for ingredients while cooking. It gets really annoying, and you sometimes even forget to put a few items because you can never find them in the kitchen. Storage jars save a lot of time, as you know which thing is kept where. 

Maintain hygiene- When you move to look for something while cooking, you tend to spill something or the other. Also, when you are looking for one item everywhere, the mess is highly expected. It gets unhygienic sometimes. To main order and hygiene at the work station, keep everything at the right spot. Store your edible items in a jar.

Keeps the food safe- Some things in the kitchen go bad when exposed to air. You have to put them in an air-tight jar to maintain their quality. Bring the best jars of the appropriate size to store everything safely.

Have a look at a few by ellementry. We are sure the jars won’t disappoint and make you fall in love with one look.

Twain glass jar with a wooden bowl

glass jar with wooden bowl
twain glass jar with wooden bowl 

Are you a baker? Yes. Wonderful! Because ellementry has a beautiful glass jars to store your cookies as beautifully as they are baked. The twain glass jar with a wooden bowl is a 2 in 1 jar, that comes with a wooden lid in the shape of a bowl. Keep all your cookies safe inside, and when it is time to serve, turn the cap over and serve with a smile. It is one a kind. 

Maze ceramic jar with wooden lid (teal blue)

ceramic jar
maze ceramic jar with wooden lid (teal blue)

Perfect to store candies, chocolates and everything else, this jar is no less than a piece of décor in the kitchen. It allows you to organize and systematically store your favourite snack or daily essentials like tea and sugar. The elegant design on the ceramic jar will set well in your cabinet. 

Foursquare coffee container with wooden lid

coffee container
four square coffee containers with wooden lid

Along with woolen clothes, winter is also the season of coffee. It refreshes ones’ soul and gives instant energy. Bring the best coffee and store it nicely in this foursquare container. It is stunning by design. The wooden lid gives it air-tight storage. Coffee, written on the top of the lid, gives it a youthful vibe. The container will even look wonderful sitting on the kitchen cabinet and will take less space too. 

Grain storage barrel with wooden lid

grain storage barrel with wooden lid
grain storage barrel with wooden lid

Indian households buy and store groceries almost a month in advance. It happens, especially in the case of rice and grain. People buy both of these items in bulk. Store them safe from rats, water, and moisture in this grain storage barrel with a wooden lid. It will raise your storage game standards. 

The kitchen repository never felt this easy. ellementry has everything one needs to keep the most happening room in the home well organized. 

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