When it comes to decorating your home, there are several things that you must consider first. The task is challenging. It is because trends are ever-changing, and everyone is rushing to stay ahead of everyone. ellementry and its products ensure you and your home are always up to the trend. Its handcrafted kitchenware and décor items are perfect for interior set-up.

When you decorate or re-decorate your home, there are certain things that you have to consider. You must understand not every beautiful item in the market goes with your idea of interior décor. Decorating a space is the art of understanding what complements space and the vision. For one, the vision is minimalist while the other goes all out. 

ellementry is a brand that will make you resonate with our old traditions albiet with a contemporary twist. Here are the simple steps that will help you refining the décor element of your home. 

Know your vision

Every process has a first step. Penning down your idea of home décor is the first step of refining the element of your home. Having a plan is a pivotal part of the process. It is only when you have a picture in mind you can impersonate that in your personal space. 

Research about your vision

A little research would help you a lot. Sometimes it is hard to describe what exactly you have in mind. When you research, you find related images, niche, and product that perfectly goes with your idea of refining elements in your home.You can take inspiration from magazines, movies, friends’ homes, and of course, the internet is always there to help.  

Begin small

There is no need to go all out at the beginning itself. Sometimes fixing small things make big difference. Start from your kitchen. Small jars, condiment set, serveware and other kitchenware are enough to dazzle this place with elegance. Handcrafted vases and wall art can do so much with little effort. All you need to do is to act smart. Rest all will fall into place. 

Foursquare sugar coffee and tea containers with wooden lid

Go with the flow

Here, it does not mean to let anything happen. It means to keep everything in the flow of what you have thought. Furniture, for example, must be in flow with the living room’s walls, décor items, lighting etc.

metal wall art

Keep it simple

Nothing kills a space like clutter. Try to only those items in your home that are multipurpose, have sustainable designs, go for accent furniture that can fit well in the living room as well as the bedroom area. 

These are some of the ways of refining your home. ellementry is always there for you any time you wish to re-decorate your space. The brand has got everything that will make your space stand out. Have a look:

On time notice board and clock

on time notice board & clock

Everyone wants to own something that nobody has. It is basic human nature. One takes pride when he has something that is one-of-a-kind. On time notice board & clock is one such product. It is different from the traditional notice board used in Indian households. Charming and handcrafted, this notice board is going to make a great addition to your home kitchen. Keep an eye on the cooking time, write down the menu for the day or a sweet note for your loved ones..

Carbon ceramic cutlery stand with spoon rest

People often overlook small things while decorating their homes. But, what they forget is that these items have the power to break the entire look. No matter how nicely you have dressed your table, it will always be incomplete without a cutlery stand. This cutlery stand serves its conventional purpose and adds to the beauty of the table.  

Frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter

cloche with platter
frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter

When you refine something, you aim to make it look more beautiful. Do the same with your cake using the glass cloche by ellementry. Take your hospitality to another level and serve the dessert in the most beautiful way possible. This glass dome with wooden platter is a perfect example of that. It is handcrafted & the floral pattern is hand-painted. It wears a coat of lacquer and meets international food safety standards.

Gun metal pendant lamp-flat

gun metal pendant lamp- flat

You cannot forget lights while refining your space. The grey pendant lamp by ellementry will illuminate your home with the light of sophistication and luxury. You will have your very own spotlight in your home with a grey metal pendant lamp. 

Two decker storage side table

storage table
two decker storage side table

This accent furniture perfectly embodies your vision to refine space with opulence. The two decker storage side table is a round side table that can also be used as storage for odds & ends. The height of this table can also be altered by removing one-tier.

ellementry is your one-stop destination for home and kitchen products. 

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