‘Water is essential for your good health and skin.’

You must have read this sentence numerous times at different places. We all know this but do we pay attention to it? Undoubtedly many successfully drink 12 glasses of water daily. But, some do not drink water at all because they find it hard to drink enough water throughout the day. Even though each one of you is aware of how good water is for you, you still can’t seem to make it a part of your daily routine.

Bottle Stopper
Water & Wine Bottle Stopper

ellementry knows how important it is for you to drink water, especially during the coming summers. It is why the brand has some products that might help you keep your water content balanced in your body.

It is a fact that if you drink at least 12 glasses of water every day, the signs of ageing tend to reduce, and your skin stays young and glowing. It keeps you away from problems like acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and blackheads.

Our blood is made of water and it carries oxygen. When we drink less, our blood tends to get thicker which consequently increases your blood pressure and the risk of heart problems.

The amount of water we drink daily helps us to dissolve and regulate the breakdown of minerals and nutrients from food. When dehydrated, our body often suffers from indigestion, constipation and acidity. 

We hope you are convinced to drink water every day. It is tough to keep track, so ellementry has some drinkware that might help you with the process:

Bubbles glass water bottle with wooden stopper

bubble glass bottle

Carrying a water bottle is the easiest way to drink the optimum amount of water every day. But you have to ensure the bottle is also as healthy as yourself. The bubble water bottle by ellementry is made of glass, the best sustainable material. It makes it 10% safe for your body. The product is efficient to store up to 750 ml of water.

Terracotta bottle with wooden lid

Terracotta bottle with wooden lid

Everything today is about the trend. People like to use what is trending in the market. When everything is evolving, why not water bottles? You may start the trend of carrying around a water bottle that is far away from ordinary. This terracotta water bottle with a wooden lid is an eco-friendly bottle that takes you to the country road. Terracotta is modern clay. It keeps your water cool and fresh for a long. The natural process of evaporative cooling keeps the water naturally cool to quench your thirst. The wooden lid and sleek design make it stylish and cool to carry.

Fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

fryst glass carafe with wooden lid
fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

Health-conscious people have detox drinks that contain mint leaves, lemon, cucumber and other healthy items. The drink looks visually appealing. Do not hide it away inside an opaque bottle. Exhibit your taste in this gorgeous fryst glass carafe. The product is no less than a décor item. The carafe will sit pretty on your workstation or your workout room.

Drink more glass water bottle with wooden stopper

glass bottle with tumbler
Drink more glass bottle with wooden stopper

Do not worry if forget to drink water. This ‘drink more water’ will remind you again and again. Maintain the balance in the body with this beautiful glass bottle by ellementry.

Own this beautiful glass and terracotta bottles to remain hydrated all day long with ellementry.

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