Diwali is the most celebrated and grand festival in Indian culture. People of all caste and religions residing here and abroad love to indulge in the festivities of this day. It is because the festival is about lights, sweets and firecrackers. The celebrations bring families together and speak about unity. Those who live away from their families make it a point to reach home to celebrate Diwali with everyone. When your loved ones, family, friends and neighbours will visit you to give their wishes on this pious occasion, your home must be ready for their arrival. If you focus more on adding bright lights, candles, décor items and more; this year, decluttering should also be on the top of your list. Ellementry believes that a house looks warmer and inviting when it is tastefully decorated. Not to forget, it should also be spick and span from every nook and corner.

However, for Indian households, decluttering is a daunting task. It is not because we do not know what to do, but we are so attached to the items that letting them go is tough for us. Furthermore, most of the time, we are not aware of the fact that we are using outdated and shabby products. But there is nothing to worry about as this decluttering guide is specially curated by ellementry, for all those who struggle with this task. Listed below are various tips and tricks that you can follow well in advance or when Diwali is around the corner. You will get a lot of help, and knowing what to get rid of will become easier. As a result, you will be done with this task in the least amount of time. So, without further ado, let see what all you can do to bring more harmony and happiness into your space through decluttering.

What is decluttering?

Many people believe that dejunking the space means throwing useful items into the garbage. But this is not it. Decluttering is all about removing unnecessary items from a messy and unkempt place. It encourages people to get rid of what they do not need and bring more order to their space.

Starting From The Kitchen

Did you know that even the most organized kitchen has lots of clutter that conveniently gets overlooked? Yes, you read that right! The cooking area and pantry have many things that we do not need but do nothing about it. Such items keep sitting on the counter, shelves and cupboards.

So, let’s get started

1-Every stale and expired food item must go into the trash.

2-If multiple containers have the same item, it is time to combine them all and enhance storage space in the kitchen.

3-Similar category foods can go into a kitchen basket or bin. You can label it for easier access.

4-If certain food items are well within the expiry date and you are not likely to utilize them, donate them to the needy.

5-Do not keep food in its original packaging. Empty the cartons and store the items in containers. It will give you extra storage space.

6-Say goodbye to chipped or broken kitchenware. If you are a creative soul, put them to some decorative use.

7-Unmatched lids or containers missing lids need to be put into the trash.

8-If you are left with one or two cups or glasses from a set, it is time to get rid of them too. You can use them to plant herbs, but they must not be a part of your kitchen.

9-Keeping crockery or china sets that you have not used for years is only occupying space that could be put to better uses.

10-Cookbooks and magazines are also useless if you are not using them. If you do not plan to use them any time soon, pass them on to your friends or keep them somewhere else.

11- A nice and tidy kitchen will benefit from a new apron or cleaning cloth. So you can say goodbye to the torn and old ones.

12- Expired cleaning supplies need to see the face of the trash too.

13- Limit bakeware sets to 1 or 2. Having a surplus will only make a mess.

More than any other room in your house, it is the kitchen that needs to be junk-free. When you follow these tips and get rid of those that you do not need or use, the area will shine bright in all its glory. You will have more space to add on things that you will be ordering from ellementry.com.

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