Almost everyone dreams of a big kitchen and massive storage space. Everyday utensils, cutlery and more occupy a significant amount of area. You also need some space to store groceries. However, fitting it all in one kitchen is a daunting task for most households. There are so many kitchenware products that make their way into our home to fulfil diverse purposes. But there comes a point when you must have thought a little extra space could do wonders to your cookhouse. With ellementry, your dream can become a reality.

glass jar with bowl
Twain glass jar with wooden bowl (small)

There will be no need to gut the space and start anew. The brand offers interesting insights and storage items that can make even a small kitchen super-efficient. If you plan to go down the DIY road, remember that you will have to deal with the mess. Things might not even turn out how you expect them to be. So, it is better to learn some quick organization tips. Where necessary, you can also add a kitchen shelf rack.

Without further ado, let’s learn some organization tips and how you can enhance kitchen storage space.


ceramic jar
Earth jar set of two

Most snacking and grocery items come in bulky packaging. Those big, air-filled boxes take a lot of areas, which you can put to better uses. So, the best thing that you can do to make more space is to ditch those bulky boxes and store cereal, chips, pulses, rice and more in jars and containers of varied sizes. While you are at it, focus on keeping the necessities and toss everything that has expired, or you don’t need anymore.

Use baskets for small items

metal basket
grey metal basket with marble base small

Whether you have kids at home or not, small snack packets will still occupy your kitchen. If you love to indulge in them, stack them in a way that you know what all you have and in how much quantity. You can use a kitchen basket to stack snack items like chips, granola bars, chocolates, etc. This way, the cabinets will not become a mess or fall off from the drawers.

Lazy Susan For Pantry Items

lazy susan
frangipani lazy susan

If your lazy susan is sitting useless, put it to better use by using it to place pantry items. There are so many things that we need for cooking but is not used regularly. It is easy to keep them back and forget about it. But when you will place it on the lazy susan, you will be able to access it every time you want without any struggle. You get 360-degree access.

Consider Shelf Height Customization

Wall hooks & shelf

There is always a lot of dead space that hangs above the cup, plates and other utensils. If you take a close look, you will realize there is much you can do with it. Don’t let that additional space go to waste. Instead, hang a shelf or rack over it and see how quickly the storage space increases.

Daily Utensils Must Be At Eye-Level
Wooden Shelf

When you stack one shelf over other, you might face difficulty reaching the higher areas. Save your efforts by placing items at eye level that you will need every day. Place the seasonal items higher as you will be using them less.

Make Use Of Hooks

There are plenty of items in the cooking area that takes significant space when hooks can easily handle them. Aprons, towels and cutting boards can be hung on the hooks making them easily accessible.

Add More Storage With Creativity

At first, you might think that the entire kitchen area has been utilized. But stand there and take a hard look. Let your creative juices flow, and then you will see many areas that can be used for storage and more.

Open shelves are trending

brown wood shelf- small

There is no need to hide everything. Whether it is utensils, jars, spatulas, cookbooks, etc., you can place them on open shelves. Utilize empty walls and install as many shelves as you want.

From kitchen baskets to lazy susans, you can get everything you want to better organize your cooking space from Browse the website to see what other items can help you to make the area tidier and pleasant to look at. When you get creative and utilize the best resources at your disposal, achieving a fantastic looking, well-organized cookhouse is very much possible.

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