Summertime is the season where most people are concerned about dehydration. The sentence is 100% true. One must be hydrated during summer all the time. However, keeping yourself hydrated during winters is equally important too. This winter, stay hydrated with ellementry. The brand has an exclusive collection of beautiful and sustainable water bottles, made from nature-friendly materials

glass water dispenser

Why does your body need water?

Water is one of the survival necessities. A person’s body weight is nearly 60% of water so it depends on water to regulate regular motion every day. It also helps in monitoring and maintaining homeostasis, transporting nutrients, removing waste products and hydrating tissues and organs. You tend to put your organs, especially kidneys, at risk when you take consume less water.

jove blue glass tumbler set of 2 (tall)
jove blue glass tumbler set of 2 (tall)

Every time you breathe, perspire or urinate, your body tends to lose water content. For proper body functioning, you must replenish your water supply through the consumption of food items that have higher water content. 

How much water should you consume?

There isn’t any set limit for water consumption. However, a person’s kidney can filter more than 0.7 litres of water per hour. 

Simple and smart ways of staying hydrated all day long in winter:

Just like your fitness goals, set daily drinking water goals as well. It is one of the easiest ways to keep track of your water consumption. You are living in modern times. There are so many applications that you can install on your smart devices. Not only, they help you track your water consumption level, but also remind you to drink water every 30 minutes.

If not water, consume food items that have higher water content. Limit your intake of unhealthy food items and substitute your food items that are filled with fluid like orange, watermelon. 

Take your water in flavours. Instead of gulping it down, drink it in form of smoothies, green tea, and clear soup. 

The more intense your workout, the more will be the need for hydration. Ideally, it is recommended to take half a glass of water every fifteen minutes of exercise. Rehydration is the key. 

Another most effective way is to carry a water bottle with you. Buy nice-looking, environmentally friendly water carrying vessels from Ellementry. Here are some bottles for you to stay hydrated with no extra effort:

Glass water dispenser

glass water dispenser
glass water dispenser

Everyone has those technologically advanced water purifiers at home. Imagine how beautiful would this glass water dispenser would look in your kitchen. Infuse a few mint leaves, lemon or even fruits to add flavour to the fitness. To add to its beauty, you can also have a sturdy three-leg multi-purpose wooden stand. It will give that extra lift off the ground.

Fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

fryst glass carafe with wooden lid
fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

There are better and beautiful ways of carrying your water than the ordinary ways. Get your hands on this stunning fryst glass carafe with a wooden lid. It will add to your personality. Someone known for vibrant personality must have the best carafe of all time. It will come in handy to carry your drinks around anywhere you want. You can also store your freshly squeezed juice in the morning and keep the carafe on the table. It would be the first time you must have seen a bottle of this stunning shape and design. 

Ceramic jug with small stripes blue

ceramic jug small stripes blue
ceramic jug small stripes blue

It’s time to upgrade your way of water consumption. Switch to this ceramic water jug for better satisfaction. The food-safe ceramic jug with handpainted white stripes on blue is a true expression of indulgence and refinement. Consider it a piece of décor for your dining and serve the drink with pride and a smile. It will sit well in all the spaces. Keep it on your dining table or at your workstation. It will even shine on your nightstand as well. 

Drop glass water bottle with a ceramic stopper

glass water bottle
drop glass water bottle with a ceramic stopper

Perfect to keep in your bag’s side pocket, the drop glass water bottle is ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your hands. It comes with a ceramic stopper that seals your water in.

The drinkware collection from ellementry is exceptional. Not only do they enhance the setting of their spot, but they also fulfil their conventional purpose well. Each bottle and tumbler is a great addition to your tableware collection.


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