Every household habit of saving for later never gets old. Hasn’t it happened to you that you missed a party or reached late but your share was saved? What about the time you decided to arrange all the snacks, groceries, and nibble-worthy food in jars while labeling?

Saving nostalgia in jars

Right from our school days when we stole some treats from the jars to arrange them according to our diet, we have always been fond of finding joy in saving. Why not save it in a terracotta jar to add a traditional touch? The wooden lid helps prevent the food from getting spoilt due to moisture. Whether it be handmade snacks or pulses, they will be protected.

If you need something more modern to go with your modular kitchen, the ceramic jars with wooden lids work well and look stylish. 

sienna tarracotta jar with wooden lid
sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid

Store and snack at the same time

We are often tempted to eat something when we have it in front of us the entire time. But we can store some healthy snacks like nuts and dry fruits in a transparent jar. And for a non-messy experience, a travel-friendly experience, the twain glass jar with a wooden bowl is to your rescue. You can store and snack at the same time, ellementry offers a smaller size you can pair it with. 

twain glass jar with wooden bowl
twain glass jar with wooden bowl

Winning you some points for the presentation

Whilst enjoying a cake at a birthday party or special occasion, the glass and wooden cloche add more charm to the occasion. Maintain the ambient temperature and keep it protected with the beautiful dom glass cover. You can also save and serve some fruit or dessert. Allow this simple yet fusion piece to stand out on your dinner table.

If you like florals and need more space with the cloche, the Frangipani cloche with a wooden platter is a perfect example of love, care, and handpainted design.

fluted glass cloche with wooden base
fluted glass cloche with wooden base

 Uplift your storage game

When you visit the market and stock up on all the necessities for the week, storing them seems to be an issue. Store onions, garlic, and potatoes smartly as they need to be protected from moisture and pests. The eggshell colour is pretty neutral and is a great fit in any storage unit or even kitchen counters. The design and details add more to the look. The wood and metal fusion make it stand out.

All these food-safe, handcrafted, and sustainable organisers are some of the bestsellers. ellementry helps you store efficiently and with style. To explore more, visit our website

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