In India, the entire family eats together. It is more like a ritual. The fact that everyone eats together makes them closer to each other. The feeling is personal and provides ultimate satisfaction. Along with what you eat, how you eat and from which you eat equally matter. The need of an hour is to lead a healthy and green lifestyle. It does not mean that you cannot indulge in something often. All you need to do is to be a little mindful and do it without excess. The same goes for food. While you take care of what you are eating, ellementry will take care of in which you will eat. Brand’s eco-friendly tableware will ensure you don’t go off track in your green living style. 

fryst glass carafe with wooden lid
Knurl terracotta curd setter with wooden lid-large

Your tableware must be a perfect blend of functionality, design and sustainability. It will be your way of saying that you care about the planet even when you are enjoying a scrumptious meal. 

Eco friendly tableware looks good.

When you think of using tableware, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Let us guess. It must be how beautiful they will look on the table. Right! Yes. That’s true. They must be. But, don’t you think there should be more qualities? How about if your tablewares are both beautiful and sustainable? 

bubble glass bottle

Your tableware must be ‘beautiful,’ ‘elegant,’ and ‘earth-loving.’ Thankfully market and many brands like ellementry offer products including tableware that is far more attractive than non-biodegradable serveware. They go with all sorts of a dinner setting. 

Materials like ceramic, glass, terracotta are 100% sustainable and durable. Plates, cutlery, bowls, and glasses from sustainable materials are sturdy too. 

Products by ellementry are perfect; perfect to serve, cook and bake. They are multi-purpose and stunning to look at. They will leave you stunned with their detailed design. We have lined up some for you. 

Have a look:

Terracotta baking dish

baking dish
terracotta baking dish

Bake your favourite pasta recipe in this simple yet appealing design terracotta dish. Terracotta tops the list of sustainable materials. Its name originally means ‘baked earth.’ The name itself suggests the level of sustainability it has dissolved in it. The heat is distributed equally over the surface, making it more suitable for baking. There is one more benefit. The baking dish is so stunning that you can bake and later serve the dish in it. It is going to add elegance to your table. 

Amber love ceramic side plate

ceramic dinnerware
amber love ceramic side plate

Do you know there is a saying that if your plate is nice, you enjoy your food a little bit more? Make it happen with this gorgeous amber love ceramic plate. Ceramic looks artistic on the table, which must have noticed in restaurants. Bring the same table décor at home using a ceramic plate from ellementry. It is perfect to offer bread, phulkas, and anything you like. The stunning yellow colour is the point of attraction in the product. It will make your feel cheerful about the meal. 

Hibiscus glow assorted wax candles set of 5

Hibiscus glow assorted wax candles set of five

Indians throw a get together in style. It becomes more massive during festivals. During those times, along with food, the decor is given special attention. Give your intimate dinner party a suitable decor with this assorted candle set. The product combines sweetness and freshness that blends well in the festive celebration. If you planning to surprise your partner with a lovely dinner date at home, this hibiscus candle set will be of very much help. 

Celestial brass tablespoon set of 4

celestial brass table spoon set of 4

Much like people, even food has its right type. Our handcrafted celestial cutlery has the perfect match for all of your servings. Brass, being a sturdy metal with antibacterial properties, make this tablespoon set durable and healthy. While using the spoons, be ready to get a royalty to feel throughout the meal.

Add sustainability and elegance to the table with ellementry. 

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