Winter is a beautiful season. It is the happiest season of all. Why wouldn’t it be? Christmas falls during this time and in India, it is the official wedding season. There is joy and excitement all around. People dance and laugh their hearts out. Last, but not least, the food. You cannot miss winter delicacies. Ask a food lover and he will tell you how special winter is in terms of food. Certain dishes are only winter-specific. It is because the ingredients in them either keep your body warm or are too hot to be eaten in summers. This winter, ellementry is determined to make the season memorable with delicious food items made in its beautiful and sustainable kitchenware

With dipping temperature and an urge to snuggle in the blanket, all you want is hot food in bed. Winter is all about enjoying food. Indian traditional sweet delicacies ensure you enjoy every bit of it. People know that it is time to turn their attention to winter sweet dishes and why not? One only gets about 3 months to enjoy them. 

Here are the top winter delicacies that are loved all over the country:

Moong dal halwa

Is it even winter if you haven’t had moong dal ka halwa? It is the must-have of the season. The dish is everyone’s favourite and is made of pure desi ghee. People love it because of its irreplaceable taste and the warmth it provides. Even though it takes a lot of time and effort, it is all worth it. 

Gajar ka halwa

North Indians love Gajar ka halwa. It is the main winter dessert in every part. Rich in taste, flavour and health, Gajar ka halwa wins every heart effortlessly. Nothing can beat a good gajar ka halwa. 


The arrival of winter is happy news because you know the wait for gajak and chikki is finally over. The sweet delicacy is made from jaggery, sesame seeds, peanuts, and other ingredients that are good for an individual’s health. Their irresistible taste will only leave you craving for more and more.

Besan laddoo

You cannot miss them in winter. These authentic Indian laddoos are made in every Indian household. All ingredients are bound together with pure desi ghee. Besan keeps you warm from within. 

The best thing is you can prepare all these sweet delicacies at home. Ellementry will help you get the right texture and taste with its traditional yet modern  cookware and servewaresTake a look at some of them below:

Masai brass dessert bowl gold

A besan laddu is a perfect dessert to celebrate an occasion. It is an Indian tradition to have something sweet on an auspicious day. Celebrate every festival and celebration in royal style with the Masai brass dessert bowl. It will surely end every meal with prestige. Other than being highly durable, there is one more advantage of using brass serveware. You don’t have to worry about fragile serveware that breaks in a blink.

Oro brass dessert bowl with a spoon

Prepare your special gajar or moong daal halwa and serve them delightfully in this 
Oro brass dessert bowl with the spoon. The authentic sweet dish of Indian will look more delicious in this traditional yet modern-by-design brass bowl. It comes with a spoon that makes it more loveable. Whether you are serving dessert for a party or feel like having a sweet dish in style, just bring out this bowl. It is a handmade masterpiece made with high-quality brass. 

Arra brass fry pan with wooden handle

Most of the ingredients added to the dish are first to sauté in ghee and later mixed. The secret of a delicious sweet dish is that every item is thoroughly cooked. Use this arra brass fry pan with a wooden handle to make your favourite sweet dish. Its long wooden handle gives you a firm grip. It enables you to handle the pain while mixing, transferring the item.

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Baking Dish

Bake your favourite and delicious naan-khatai in this terracotta baking dish. It evenly distributes the heat all over the surface, giving it a crisp and evenly cooked cookie.

Enjoy every moment of the winter in the company of your favourite sweet delicacy and ellementry. 

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