February is approaching. It is the month of love. Undoubtedly, the most awaited time of the year after the holidays. It is such a wonderful feeling to love and be loved. The time is perfect to appreciate. This year, let’s take this feeling of expressing love a level ahead. Let this year’s Valentine’ day be about everything and everyone you love. Why limit this day to one loving person while you can cherish multiple things and people that you love and admire beyond words. In the spirit of love, let us all together appreciate the tiny things we have in life and the little things we do to make our special ones and ourselves happy. ellementry will help you pull off the idea with its stunning and sustainable kitchenware and décor products.

Brawny oval platter

Love is present in the simplest of acts. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. The day is about cherishing what it represents and celebrating it with something meaningful. It is your efforts and thought that counts, and not the number of gifts you present. The expression of love can be witnessed everywhere. You must have an eye for it.
This year let’s bring unconditional love to the table in meaningful ways. Ellementry has some ways of practicing which you can have the best time on Valentine’s Day. Let love conquer all. Feel it in everything that you do and see around you.
Love is in the detail

lazy susan
frangipani lazy susan

Have you ever made a card for someone? You must have it in your school days. You might remember how much effort and love you used to put in for the person. Even today, these little efforts are well appreciated. Buying over-expensive items are so outdated. It is the original craft that wins people’s hearts for real.

For example, ellementry showcases its love for nature through its sustainable and artistically designed kitchenware. People love it because of the attention to detail and love they are made with. It is this raw love that makes them extra special.

Love is in the thought.
A thing becomes more precious when there is a thought behind it. It changes the entire story of that thing. You change your outlook for it, and it becomes admirable in its way.

Wooden tableware by ellementry, for example, becomes more beautiful when you get to know that they are carved by real artists.

ceramic bottle stopper
Head(y) ceramic bottle stopper set of two

Love is in the action – Your action speaks louder than your words. Make sure they are wise and right. Buy or suggest a gift to someone that will have a positive impact on their lives.

Love is setting the table for a special meeting- Now, that is what the month of love is all about; spending beautiful time with your partner. Make sure your table setting speaks of love in every way possible.
Have a look at some of the products by ellementry:

Fluted glass cloche with a wooden base

wooden base glass cloche
Fluted cloche with wooden base

Valentine’s day is incomplete without a cake. Make it extra special by baking it on your own. Put the flavour your partner loves the most and bake a beautiful cake. Keep your sugary treat safe and ready inside this fluted glass cloche with a wooden base. There is something about this cloche. Its design will itself make the whole ambience romantic. When the light passes through the translucent glass, it looks beyond beautiful. Exhibit your cake full of love elegantly using this fluted glass cloche.

Fryst wooden bottle cooler

fryst wooden bottle cooler with glass insert

Of course, wine has to be the first to start a romantic evening. Ensure it is fresh and cool using this fryst wooden bottle cooler. Add it to your barware collection, and people will ask where you got it from. It is classy, unique and stylish. If you plan to throw a surprise dinner for your loved ones, throw it in style.

Mint eucalyptus soy wax glass jar

Mint eucalyptus soy wax glass jar

Women are big fans of fragrances. Fill their life with positivity and the fresh fragrance of mint eucalyptus with this soy wax glass jar. It is a great gifting idea for anyone who likes to collect aromatic candles. You can also use the product in your table setting to have the right and peaceful ambience.

Umber leaf wooden chip N dip platter

Umber leaf wooden chip N dip platter

Take some chips, spread them around the platter, fill the ceramic bowl with a dip, put on your favourite movie. You are done for a perfect date night.

Explore more products that will help you spend the best time doing what you love in the company of those who love.

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