25 January 2022 2 min

How to create cosy corners for winters

What is your idea of enjoying winters? For more people, it is enjoying a hot cup of coffee in a cosy blanket with a favourite movie on. Having a cosy corner at home is a necessity. It is your little personal space in your abode where you can sit, sip your coffee, and read your […]

3 November 2021 2 min

Decorate your home for the festival with t-lights

When you think of mood lighting, what comes to your mind? A beautiful golden aura that warms up the house? A little darkness with a sweet glow of yellow light? A light between two people that brings a shine to the face? A space that is welcoming in every sense?  Mood lighting for different people, […]

19 February 2020 2 min

How Table Decor Alone Can Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Entire House?

When you enter someone’s beautifully decorated house what impression it leaves on you? Definitely you feel fresh and happy. The decor of the house tells you a lot about the people living in that house, their mood, likes, dislikes, etc. Every house has a focal point, a place that catches the attention of the people […]