21 November 2021 2 min

Stay hydrated with ellementry

Summertime is the season where most people are concerned about dehydration. The sentence is 100% true. One must be hydrated during summer all the time. However, keeping yourself hydrated during winters is equally important too. This winter, stay hydrated with ellementry. The brand has an exclusive collection of beautiful and sustainable water bottles, made from […]

16 November 2021 2 min

Enjoy winter bounty with the splendid table setting

“What’s the fuss about? We are only going to eat anyways.” Ever heard yourself saying this to your mother when she is busy setting the table for the dinner? It is just not you. There are many out there who are not aware of the importance of table setting. The way your table looks while […]

15 November 2021 2 min

Silver cutlery to grace luncheons and at home-lazy brunches

Widespread remote work has led to longer working hours with uncountable emails and virtual meetings. For some people, it is more difficult than working from the office. It can get extremely stressful sometimes. So, organizing a luncheon with some of your close friends and colleagues would be a nice stress buster. It could help you […]