27 February 2022 2 min

Add a touch of sustainable elegance to your dinner table

In India, the entire family eats together. It is more like a ritual. The fact that everyone eats together makes them closer to each other. The feeling is personal and provides ultimate satisfaction. Along with what you eat, how you eat and from which you eat equally matter. The need of an hour is to […]

23 February 2022 2 min

Love to serve food

Indian household has one defining characteristic. It is the hospitality. The Indian culture proudly boasts it with the popular phrase ‘Atithi Devo bhava.’ Indians have the highest regard for their guests and visitors. The saying holds the same value for both Indian and foreign guests. It’s in our blood. Indians ace at hospitality, and no […]

21 February 2022 2 min

A glass full of memories

In these unexpected and uncertain times, there is one thing that people have learnt. It is to be extra careful with health. The situation has encouraged everyone to change their focus on overall well-being, including minor habits. It includes the cookware, tableware and kitchenware one uses at home. Where and in what you cook your […]