26 December 2020 2 min

Know Which Chakla is a Perfect Fit for Your Chapatis

An appropriate Indian supper needs a loaded flavour rack. A stable hand with fragrant flavours is necessary, but so is a solid procedure. You can make flaky chapatis, firm pakoras, and gut warming rajma with the standard instruments found in American kitchens yet various Indian devices are there to make dishes flakier, crispier, and more […]

24 December 2020 2 min

Tip To Keep Your Chakla Belan Last Longer

Chakla-belans have been and will always be a kitchen necessity. It doesn’t matter if you are in the mood for some kachoris or parathas or even some homemade pasta, we can barely make it through a day without rolling some dough. If you are new to cooking or are slightly curious about making these chakla […]

24 December 2020 2 min

Why Buying a Handcrafted Chakla a Good Idea?

Relishing on hot chapatis with your favourite dish is a heavenly experience indeed. Chapati making is easier if you have the right set of tools – Chakla and belan. A marble/wooden chakla is one of the essential kitchen elements, especially of an Indian kitchen. It’ll help you to make perfect chapatis without creating a mess […]