1 February 2021 2 min

How to store dairy products to prevent them from going bad

Almost every food product is perishable. Therefore, it is essential to adopt the right storage conditions to save food products from going rancid, which could be wasted. The proper ways of handling food products vary from one another. You need to be extra careful when it comes to storing dairy products as they are highly […]

22 December 2020 2 min

Why a Butter Dish Keeps the Butter Fresh

Food does the same work for our body like fuel does for an engine. Food keeps the body fit and healthy. Just like lousy quality fuel damages, an engine, bad or unhealthy food damages our body. With pollution and the excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers, the food that we intake is becoming poisonous and […]

18 December 2020 2 min

Why a Butter Dish is a Handy Accessory on the Dinner Table

The small fancy dish we have often seen at departmental stores or on the online shopping websites labelled as a butter dish can be quite a handy accessory for the dinner table. Butter dishes today come in a variety of designs keeping in mind its utility. Butter is everyone’s favourite ingredient as it can be […]