22 February 2021 2 min

Evening snacks: experimenting with kachoris

Kachori – this round, slightly flattened, deep-fried delicacy is easy to spot in any famous Indian market. The smell of the deep-fried snack is to die for, and when you taste it with spicy chutney; it magically rejuvenates all of your senses, making your mouth glands water. While going ga-ga over this popular Indian snack, […]

26 December 2020 2 min

Know Which Chakla is a Perfect Fit for Your Chapatis

An appropriate Indian supper needs a loaded flavour rack. A stable hand with fragrant flavours is necessary, but so is a solid procedure. You can make flaky chapatis, firm pakoras, and gut warming rajma with the standard instruments found in American kitchens yet various Indian devices are there to make dishes flakier, crispier, and more […]

26 December 2020 2 min

Why Wooden Chaklas have been a Classic Over the Years

Since ages, wooden chaklas have been known for adding health to most families. Regardless of being a foodie or not, chaklas are found at every house, restaurant, eating junctions, etc. across the globe. Apart from giving us the right shaped roti or chapati, it is also known for adding the nutritious value to a roti. […]