1 February 2022 2 min

How does hand-pound bring out the authentic flavour?

Hand-pounding is one of the traditional methods of cooking. The practice is famous in Indian households. It helps to remove the outer layer of grains and crush spice and herbs by mortar and pestle. In early times, hand-pounding was limited to those who produced and sold grain in some way or the other. The popular […]

24 January 2022 2 min

Enjoy fresh salad & soup in winters.

Finish your vegetables first.  Does this statement sound familiar? Of course, it does. It is pretty ironic how you use to run away from vegetables and now want to have green salad and soup to stay in shape. But, isn’t that great. Having fresh green salad and healthy soup, especially in winters, is great. It […]

13 January 2022 2 min

Serveware that reveals the rustic charm of natural wood

For some, cooking and serving are art that can never be taken for granted. While for some giving their kitchen and hospitality a creative flair is essential. Hospitality is an in-built skill in every Indian. People in our country open their hearts to the guests. It is because ‘Guest is God’ for them. Making visitors […]