14 February 2022 2 min

Tabled for love

February is approaching. It is the month of love. Undoubtedly, the most awaited time of the year after the holidays. It is such a wonderful feeling to love and be loved. The time is perfect to appreciate. This year, let’s take this feeling of expressing love a level ahead. Let this year’s Valentine’ day be […]

9 February 2022 2 min

Interesting ways to use a cake stand

A freshly baked cake covered with foamy frosting makes an irresistible homemade dessert. Nothing can beat this heavenly treat. It is loved by people of all age groups. Now, maybe you are a great baker. But, along with baking a cake you should also know how to put it on display for your guests and […]

23 January 2022 2 min

Invest in things that last!

Your whole life is not enough to get your household ready. There is always something missing. It is like a drill. One thing comes and the other thing goes. This asks for smart investment decisions. It can transform your purchasing habits. You can even save a lot of money and time by buying things that […]