25 February 2021 2 min

8 Spices from the ayurveda no kitchen is complete without

If you ever saw the 2005 International blockbuster, “Mistress of Spices,” this blog might fascinate you to no end. Indian spices of the Ayurveda are somewhat of an enigma. The combination of herbs and “masalas” not only add the quintessential zing and flavour to meals, but these spices are undoubted well known for their healing […]

17 March 2020 2 min

Gifts to Give to Friends Who Need to Drink More Water

Water is like an ultimate gift from nature to us. Water acts as nectar for living beings. Water, which is formed naturally and is processed further for our consumption, is an exhaustive natural resource and should be protected at all costs. Water is the essence of the existence of living beings and constitutes 70% of […]

13 March 2020 2 min

Bored Of Water Bottles On Desk Try Something New

Water bottles on the desk are only a good option if they are reusable. In case you are bored with any of them and looking for something new, we can suggest something elegant, eco-friendly, portable and, holds enough water for a get-together. It’s a glass water dispenser! Bygone are those days when people used to […]