4 November 2021 2 min

How to give your home an instant festive makeover

Diwali is here.  Is your home ready for the festival?  Or  You are still struggling to clean the stuffed corners of your house? The struggle to clean the house on the occasion of Diwali never gets old. It is like an annual thing that every member of an Indian household has to participate in. No […]

3 November 2021 2 min

Decorate your home for the festival with t-lights

When you think of mood lighting, what comes to your mind? A beautiful golden aura that warms up the house? A little darkness with a sweet glow of yellow light? A light between two people that brings a shine to the face? A space that is welcoming in every sense?  Mood lighting for different people, […]

1 November 2021 2 min

Easy ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali

  Diwali, traditionally known as Deepawali, is the most awaited festival of India. The day is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil. Diwali is celebrated all over the nation. The day is more than just a festival. It is the time of family bonding, unending conversations and thinking beyond oneself. Everybody get […]