4 March 2022 2 min

Re-Sip Re-Use Re-mind

Glass bottles are underrated. Believe it or not, you feel different while using the glass bottle. It is clear, shiny and colourful beverage inside makes it look even more beautiful. Maybe that is the reason why good restaurants always serve you in glass tableware. Everything about glass is wonderful. The material is gorgeous to look at, […]

13 November 2021 2 min

Barware essentials to get the party going

Believe it or not, but throwing an epic party is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must have visited some parties that you always recall while discussing with your friends. It is an art to know how to throw a great party. Ellementry, a brand of aesthetic homeware products , will help you throw one […]

18 September 2021 2 min

Give your cocktail party an eco-friendly touch

The last few months have been hard for the entire world. There is nothing better than spending life with loved ones is a major takeaway from these times. Things have started to get normal once again, but there is still some time for you to cherish the life we have just like the good old […]