4 March 2022 2 min

Re-Sip Re-Use Re-mind

Glass bottles are underrated. Believe it or not, you feel different while using the glass bottle. It is clear, shiny and colourful beverage inside makes it look even more beautiful. Maybe that is the reason why good restaurants always serve you in glass tableware. Everything about glass is wonderful. The material is gorgeous to look at, […]

22 February 2022 2 min

Give water a good home to dwell

Getting enough water every day is crucial for your body. It is necessary for survival. Consuming the optimum amount of water can prevent dehydration, keep your skin nourished, aids in digestion and maintain your body temperature. There are many more advantages that one is not aware of. Doctors advise having at least 8 glasses of […]

12 January 2022 2 min

Simple ways to refine the elements of your home

When it comes to decorating your home, there are several things that you must consider first. The task is challenging. It is because trends are ever-changing, and everyone is rushing to stay ahead of everyone. ellementry and its products ensure you and your home are always up to the trend. Its handcrafted kitchenware and décor items […]